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Thursday, 22 August 2019 12:08

Hobie Has All The Accessories You Need For Your Kayak Fishing Adventures

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Some anglers prefer to keep things simple, while others can't do without all the bells and whistles. Either method is fine, but there's no denying that there are plenty of accessories available that can make things easier and more enjoyable for you out on the water. 
One of the brands that have stepped up to cater to kayak fishing enthusiasts in search of highly practical accessories is Hobie. Whether you require live bait and tackle management solutions or desire something to improve onboard ergonomics, chances are Hobie has what you want. Here are just a few of the highlights in the current Hobie range for kayak anglers.

Livewell V2

The Livewell V2 is an eight-gallon, heavy-duty-molded plastic, lightweight live bait solution. It can keep bait secure, but it is also easy to access. With features like a high-output pump, adjustable drain tube, and removable tank partitions, it's one of the best options available for keeping your live bait frisky. 


Anglers in search of some extra confidence, while standing and fishing or simply when entering or exiting their kayak, will appreciate the H-Bar. This accessory is lightweight and strong and allows you to keep your focus on fishing and not on your balance. 


The H-Crate allows kayak anglers to store tackle and gear in one easy-to-reach space. It's got four vertical rod holders as well, along with versatile grid walls that make it easy to attach even more. The H-Crate is available in two sizes, both with H-Rail carry handles for additional accessory options.

Trax 2-30 Plug-in Cart

To help make it easier to access fishing spots Hobie has its range of Plug-In Carts. The Trax 2-30 is their highest capacity version and the one that is the most popular with serious anglers. It's rugged frame and specially designed pneumatic tires can handle a variety of terrain and it simply plugs into the existing scuppers of any rigid-hull Hobie kayak. 
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