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Tuesday, 29 January 2019 11:33

Kayak Fishing Fails To Learn From (Part Two)

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We've already looked at a couple of epic fails in the first part of our article, so without any further ado, here are a few more kayak anglers who had less than stellar experiences out on the water. 
From failing to time your launch properly to catching your own foot instead of a fish, there are plenty of ways to fail spectacularly when kayak angling. We've already looked at a couple of epic fails in the first part of our article, so without any further ado, here are a few more kayak anglers who had less than stellar experiences out on the water. Thankfully, somebody was on hand to capture their mishaps on camera, so that we can learn from their fails. 

Not Exercising Enough Caution When Retrieving A Stuck Lure

Getting a lure snagged on something is just part of the hobby and sometimes you are able to retrieve it without any hassles, while other times you are just better off accepting your loss and cutting the line. Knowing which is which can save you a lot of trouble as the angler in the video below discovered. The video also highlights how important it is to maintain your balance while on a kayak and why it is probably better to keep your valuables, such as car keys somewhere secure while angling. Luckily for the angler his phone was in a waterproof case and the water wasn't too deep, so he was able to retrieve it in a working condition after his unplanned swim. 

Not Keeping An Eye On The Wildlife

Kayak fishing is a hobby where you spend a lot of time in nature and so it stands to reason that there will be wildlife present. This means that you have to have your wits about you and not doing anything stupid like paddle into shark infested waters or get too close to alligators, crocodiles and their ilk when it is their mating season. A lot of kayak anglers have also discovered the hard way that seemingly harmless looking birds can cause them serious trouble if they are not careful. In fact, there have even been a couple of anglers who ended up getting knocked out of their kayaks by getting on the wrong side of temperamental birds. To be fair to the angler in the video below, the bird that swooped down and grabbed his fish was hiding out in the weeds waiting for its opportunity to strike. In a situation like that there isn't much that you can do, so the angler actually got off lightly with just losing his fish. 

Not Keeping Hold Of Your Catch

It is one thing to get your catch on the hook and then reel it in, but if you plan on taking it home with you, then you better be sure that you have a good grip on it when removing the hook. The angler in the video below discovered the hard way that just because a fish is in your kayak doesn't mean that it is going to give up the fight. 

Having a fish jump out of your hands is annoying enough when it is something that you wanted to eat, but it is ten times worse when you catch a big one during a tournament only for it to make an escape. Just check out the video below to see how quickly one can go from having an impressive catch to having nothing if you are not paying enough attention. 

Not Properly Securing Your Rod/Reel Combo

It is important to watch out for obstacles in the water when kayak angling or you can do some serious damage to your kayak. However, as the angler in the video below discovered, it is just as important to keep track of the gear in your kayak and making sure that everything is properly secured. This fail perfectly highlights the ups and downs of kayak fishing as one minute you can be reeling in a nice big bass only to watch your expensive rod and reel combo float to the bottom of the water the next. It is hard not to wince watching this video, especially if it is a fail that has happened to you before. 

Not Getting Into Your Kayak Properly

There are a lot of ways to get dunked in the water if you are not careful while kayak fishing, but the way it happens in the fail below is one of the most embarrassing. One would think that nothing could possibly go wrong when getting into your kayak in shin deep water that is relatively calm, but it shows that one should never get too complacent. Luckily the angler had everything strapped down, although it still resulted in him having to chase down his paddle.

Over To You

Let us know in the comments below or on the forum what has been your most epic kayak fishing fail or what has been the most epic ones that you observed while on the water. 
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