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Wednesday, 29 August 2018 05:50

Angler Navigator Premium Added to The Bending Branches Kayak Fishing Paddle Line-up

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Bending Branches's already stellar line-up of kayak paddles, has now grown with the addition of the brand new Angler Navigator premium kayak fishing paddle. 

This American made kayak fishing paddle was designed with the added durability and reinforcement demanded by modern-day kayak anglers. This is already a step up from many other paddles currently on the market that are lacking in these areas.

According to Andrew Stern, Marketing Manager for Bending Branches, the company has 36 years of heritage when it comes to building high quality wooden paddles and the Angler Navigator pays homage to this achievement. During the design phase, Bending Branches analyzed the needs of modern-day anglers and what they want from their paddles. The result is a paddle that is engineered in such a way that anglers can depend on it for years to come. Functionality and dependability are amongst the most prized features of a kayak fishing paddle as anglers rely on them to quickly and effortlessly get to their casting spots. The Angler Navigator meets these expectations with reinforced Rockgard edge protection, a fiberglass blade sealing as well as a convenient fish tape measuring tool, but merging these with the beauty and elegance of wood. 

For those not familiar with Rockgard", it is the patented blade tip protection that Bending Branches has been known for since day one. It originated in 1982 already when the founders of the company, Dale Kicker and Ron Hultman, realized just how much abuse the edges of canoe paddles take during regular use. Without proper protection, the integrity of paddles are quickly compromised due to cracks and chips. The desire to stop this from happening and extending the lifetime of their paddles is what led to Rockgard protection. What this proprietary technology does is to maintain the integrity of the paddle by sealing out moisture as well as protecting the tips and edges. With this kind of protection, the wood paddles from Bending Branches can last up to six times longer than those without Rockgard. 


Back to the Angler Navigator - it matches the efficiency and power of the award-winning Angler Pro by Bending Branches, thanks to its over-sized blade. The paddle is made from alder, basswood and roasted basswood, making it more buoyant and flexible than many composite paddles on the market. To ensure that anglers can focus on their casting and not paddling, Bending Branches incorporated an ultra-lightweight, 100% carbon fiber shaft, complete with built-in tape measure, in the design of the Angler Navigator.

Anglers who are eager to get their hands on the Angler Navigator, only have to wait until September 1st, 2018, when the paddle should be available from their local specialty retailers. Buyers will be able to choose between the Plus telescoping ferrule option and snug Snap-Button ferrule, with sizes that range up to 260cm in length. In terms of price, the Angler Navigator is expected to retail for $299.95 US and $399.95 CAN. Keep an eye on https://bendingbranches.com/products/angler-navigatorsnap-kayak-fishing-paddle for more information.

We will leave the final word for Jameson Redding, a Bending Branches ProStaffer, who stated that he has been asking for a paddle like the Angler Navigator for years and it is unlike anything on the market today. He also added that it is further proof that Bending Branches is ahead of the game and willing to put their team members first.

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