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Thursday, 09 August 2018 19:39

Choosing The Best Fishing Pliers For Your Kayak

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Strangely enough, when buying new gear, one of the things that anglers often overlook is a decent set of fishing pliers. 
Sponsored Post: They are not the first tool that anglers think of when deciding what to take along, but anyone who has ever been out on a kayak without them will know that you are going to need good pliers at some point or another. If you do decide to make some space amongst your gear for pliers, you'll soon find that this tool can become indispensable. Here are just a few of the most popular fishing pliers on the market and what they have to offer as well as what you should be looking for when shopping for a pair of pliers. 
Your Options

Piscifun I Aluminum Fishing Pliers

The Piscifun fishing pliers is a safe bet if you are looking for something that is really affordable or if you are prone to losing your pliers and don't want to spend a fortune replacing them. These pliers come with replaceable titanium-coated tungsten carbide cutters, an ergonomic grip handle, a split ring design and a bunch of accessories, including a belt loop clasp, coiled tether and nylon sheath. While it may not be the flashiest pair of pliers on the market, the price makes it an attractive option and it gets the job done. 

EGO Ti22 Titanium Pliers

For anglers with money to spare, the EGO Ti22 Titanium Pliers has a 100% rustproof body for durability and contoured handles to provide a comfortable grip. The thumb post on these pliers deliver extra control as well as support while the ultra-strong teeth ensures a great grip. In addition, the Ti22 pliers have tungsten steel cutters that are replaceable and can be secured using the lanyard fastening loop. The price of these pliers is something that is going to deter a lot of buyers, but if money is not an issue, then you can go wrong with a pair of these. They are durable, reliable and the quality is very good. 

Fiblink Saltwater Fishing Pliers

Getting back to more affordable fishing pliers, the Fiblink Saltwater Fishing Pliers also delivers great results at a reasonable price. It is quite a versatile tool as you can use it to hold fish, cut lines and hooks, remove hooks and press lead. The non-slip handles are comfortable and overall it is very ergonomic. The fact that it uses replaceable 70+ HRC tungsten steel line cutters is also a plus as it can easily handle tough lines.

The Gerber Magniplier

Gerber Magniplier
Gerber has only recently turned their attention to the fishing market, which means that their 7.5" fishing and angling pliers are amongst the newest tools available. However, this has given them plenty of time to check out what is already out there and how they could improve on it. Seeing as pliers are relatively straightforward tools that have been around forever, there wasn't much that Gerber could do to drastically alter the design, which is why they choose to focus on improving the ergonomics instead. By doing so, they were able to directly optimize the power and control you have, which is what sets the Magniplier apart from the pack.
Gerber has dubbed their ergonomic control system the "Bearhand Control" and it is one of the most effective solutions when it comes to operating pliers in an efficient manner. It is made up of an over-sized finger coil where you can rest your forefinger to improve stability along with space between the handles that has been optimized to engage where your hand is naturally exerting the strongest force. Unlike ordinary pliers, the Magniplier also features a nose that is off axis, so you can benefit from the improved line of sight and control. Any angler who has ever struggled with trying to remove a hook from a fish's mouth without being able to properly see what is going on will love this feature. Since the pliers are spring-loaded, you benefit from decreased hand fatigue. You don't have to worry about it opening unexpectedly either as everything is held in check by a plunge lock. 
Other useful features of the Magnipliers include reversible, replaceable carbide cutters as well as the exchangeable jaw tips with outboard fasteners. To help keep your Magnipliers secure, it comes with a nylon sheath that features a belt loop, d-ring as well as coiled plier lanyard. It can be tethered from multiple points, so you never have to be far from your pliers. 

What To Take Into Consideration

One of the things to look for in a good set of fishing pliers is their construction quality. You don't want your pliers to rust or fall apart after only a few trips, so make sure that they are able to withstand the rigors of kayak angling. Aluminum is a popular choice as it allows for durable pliers that are lightweight. The Gerber Magnipliers feature a hot-forged aluminum construction, while the Piscifun fishing pliers are made from aircraft grade aluminum. The Fiblink Saltwater Fishing Pliers also favors an aluminum construction, whereas the EGO Ti22 pliers opts for a titanium features a titanium body.
Comfort is just as important as nobody wants to be stuck with pliers that can cause them discomfort. Cutters are another vital feature for fishing pliers as it makes them more versatile and cuts down on the amount of tools you have to carry with you. A lot of fishing pliers come with all kinds of extra gimmicks, but in many cases, these just make the pliers more bulky, less portable and bumps up the price unnecessarily. Let us know in the comments below or on the forum what your preferred fishing pliers are and why.
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