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Sunday, 25 March 2018 08:52

Seven Kayak Fishing Coolers That Are Worth the Investment

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A good kayak cooler has become indispensable to many anglers.

Nothing works up a thirst quicker than a day fishing from your kayak in the hot sun. This is why it is essential to stay hydrated no matter how long you plan on fishing. If you enjoy eating what you catch instead of letting them go, you also need somewhere cool to keep your fish fresh in the kayak as well as the drive back home. Fortunately, there are a couple of manufacturers that cater to all your kayak cooling needs. This is why a good kayak cooler has become indispensable to many anglers. These coolers are available in various sizes and can be used to keep items cool or even as a seat if your kayak or paddleboard has enough space. If you are uncertain which ones offer the best value for your money, then take a look at what is on offer.


Yeti Hopper Two 20

Price: $249.99

Yeti is a well known brand when it comes to coolers and their Hopper Two 20 is a great option if you are looking for something that is soft-sided, but also very durable. In addition, it is a very portable cooler and packs a ton of great features. It's fabric is not just waterproof, but also mildew resistant as well as UV resistant. Thanks to closed-cell rubber foam insulation, this cooler also provides better cold-holding than normal soft coolers. 

Feelfree 45 liter Cooler

Price: $219.00

The Feelfree 45 liter cooler offers a great combination of durability and functionality. It has a rugged roto-molded shell along with foam infused roto-molded polyethylene. The 45 liter capacity should provide ample storage space and it even has a foam platform on the lid for your seating comfort. Other nice extras include a bottle opener, refrigerator grade gasket, high flow drain and locking capabilities. Best of all, if you have a Feelfree fishing kayak you can choose a cooler in matching colors from this line.

Orca Cooler

Price: $219.99

The Orca 26 Quart Cooler is definitely one of the more expensive coolers available, but the price is high for a reason. Their coolers feature durable, roto-molded construction and thanks to the integrated insulation are able to keep items cool and fresh for up to ten days. The lid gasket ensures a perfect seal, while the cooler also has an easy-flow drainage spout and extendable flex-grip handles. Along with the 26-quart storage capacity, this cooler also has a cargo net attachment for additional storage.

Engel 19QT Cooler/Drybox

Price: $69.99

The Engel 19TQT Cooler is a leak-proof cooler that is aimed at kayak fishermen. It is also a very affordable option compared to some of the other options on the market. What is neat about this cooler is that it can also easily double as a dry box if you want to safeguard your valuable electronics from dust or moisture. What you get for your money is a durable cooler that is insulated with high-grade molded polystyrene foam, carry handles and an integrated shoulder strap. It is stain and odor resistant, while the non-absorbent surface is easy to clean.


K2 Coolers Summit 20

Price: $159.00

The K2 Coolers Summit 20 is a cooler with a one-piece, roto-molded construction, which gives it durability and toughness. The food-grade material used in its construction is both UV resistant DryIce compatible while K2's SNOWblown insulation design provides great ice retention. A combination of the K2 ICEvault gasket and LOCKaway lid design keeps the contents as hot as cold as you want ti while also offering protection from any outside elements.

The Icemule Pro

Price: $99

If all you need is a convenient soft cooler that is easy to carry and load on your kayak, then the Icemule Pro from Icemule Coolers is worth a look. It is an affordable cooler that can retain solid ice for an impressive 24 hours. It can also be strapped comfortably to your back, which is a big plus if your favorite kayak fishing spot requires a bit of hiking to reach. As an added bonus, the cooler also floats, so even if you do manage to drop it overboard, it won't sink to the bottom.


Price: $179.95

What if you really don't have any extra space on your kayak for a cooler bag or box? Well, then the CreekKooler might be an option. It is actually a floating cooler that is designed to float behind your kayak or paddle board and provide easy access to the contents. This cooler is particularly useful for people who use paddle boards for fishing and don't want to clutter the deck. It has a capacity of over 30 quarts, designed to be water-tight, and even has a flaghole mount. 

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