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Best Kayak Fishing Crates

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Whether you own a sit-on-top or sit-in kayak, if you use it for angling, then you’ll always need more space. 

This is why the humble milk crate has become such an essential accessory. Initially, anglers just used any milk crate that they could find, often from the nearest grocery chain, as a milk crate. However, these days there is such a market for milk crates that a couple of well-known fishing brands got involved and started offering their own versions. While it is by no means essential to rig your kayak with one of milk crates, they do make a nice addition to your gear if you have the money to spare. Here are just a few of the best ones that are available on the market and what they have to offer.

 X-Pak Kayak Fish-n-Tote

Store: https://www.amazon.com/X-Pak-Kayak-Fish-n-Tote-Olive-Green/dp/B001U725Z0

Price: $69.95

The X-Pak Kayak Fish-n-Tote has been designed to fit all types of sit on top kayaks and it is able to hold up to six tackle trays plus gear. It features a heavy duty construction with removable liner to make it easy to clean. Additional accessory pockets on each end of the pack provide extra storage. While the X-Pak is self supporting and comes with two rod holders, it works best with light duty rods and reels. The removable, padded should strap of the X-Pak is a definite plus as it makes it easier to carry.

Cabela’s Advanced Anglers Camo Crate Bag

Store: https://www.cabelas.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=2482065&type=product&WT.z_btnclk=YMAL-2482065&WT.z_pg_ref=prd2203099

Price: $129.99

Cabela’s Advanced Anglers Camo Crate Bag isn’t cheap, but you do get a lot of value for your money. In addition to a plethora of enclosed storage space, this bag also features four rod holders. It has dedicated tool and plier holders to ensure that you have all the essentials ready and thanks to its durable water-resistant construction, it can handle the elements.

YakGear Anglers Crate Starter Kit

Store: https://yakgear.com/product/buildacrate-starter/

Price: $34.99

If you want something that is a step up from a standard milk crate, but don’t want to break the bank, then the YakGear Anglers Create Starter Kit is a good option. It fits most kayak tank wells or decks and it is compatible with the Build A Crate series of accessories, which can be used to enhance its functionality. This kit comes complete with the crate as well as two Build A Crate Single Rod Holders and a YakGear Accessory Pouch.

Milk Create Buddy


Price: $72.99

The Milk Crate Buddy is available, along with a crate, from Austin Kayak. This versatile organizer is designed to fit the standard 12 inch milk crate that is included and offers four large interior pockets as well as a clear interior pouch. In addition, it has two rod holders with leashes, four D-ring attachments, a zippered exterior pocket and two compartments that can hold Plano-type storage boxes. If you need plenty of storage, then this is the crate to get.


Feelfree Camo Crate Bag

Shop: https://www.amazon.com/Feelfree-Camo-Crate-Kayak-Fishing/dp/B01CQ2KAYA

Price: $149.95

If you have a camo FeelFree kayak and want a milk crate in matching colors, then you should check out the Freefree Camo Crate Bag. In addition to a whopping five rigid rod tubes, this crate bag also packs plenty of storage options. The top of the bag opens for easy access, but it also has a removable waist pocket for wading. In addition, the Freelfree Camo Crate Bag is able to accommodate a stern light. The bag is water resistant, so you can keep the contents protected and the included shoulder strap means you can carry the bag with ease, even if it is fully loaded.

JKrate Low

Shop: http://store.jacksonkayak.com/jkrate-low/

Price: $139.95

The JKrate Low is Jackson Kayak’s take on a fishing milk crate, which means they’ve loaded it with features. It’s got a removable lid that you can take off to reveal all the recessed features inside and it is very compact, portable as well as lightweight. The JKrate Low is also very sturdy and makes for a comfortable seat because the bungees and tracks on the lid are recessed. It comes with two carry handles as well as three rod holders.

Hobie H-Crate

Store: https://www.hobie.com/accessories/h-crate/

Price: $142.00

The H-Crate by Hobie is available in two versions, the standard H-Crate as well as the slightly more compact H-Crate Jr. Both are lightweight and durable while packing a number of features. These include four built-in rod holders with shock cord retainers, heavy duty adjustable straps, skid pads, and H-Rail integration. The H-Rail integration is a nice touch as they function as both handles as well as a mounting system for additional accessories.

Shoreline Marine Propel Ultimate Kayak Bag

Store: https://www.amazon.com/Shoreline-Marine-Propel-Ultimate-Kayak/dp/B017P3B0H6/

Price: $66.99

The Shoreline Marine Propel Ultimate Kayak Bag can be used on it’s own, but works best when paired with a Propel crate. It features two fishing rod holders, accessory pouches with elastic retainers, lined storage compartments and tie down loops to secure the bag to your kayak. The 1200  denier coated canvas also ensures that you are able to keep the contents dry out on the water.


The Rest

These are by no means the only options available as you also get the YakAttack BlackPak Crate, Surf To Summit Kayak Crate Caddy, NRS Ambush Tackle Bag and many others. Tell us in the comments below or on the forums what crate you prefer for your fishing needs or if you even use one.



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