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Handy Kayak Angling Gadgets & Gear

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Just because kayaks offer a more low-tech approach to angling doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of gadgets and gear to make things more interesting.

A fishing kayak enables you to get closer to nature and reach spots that would otherwise have been inaccessible from the shore or bigger boats. Most fishing kayaks are also portable enough that you can take them along virtually anywhere and wet a line whenever you see an opportunity. A lot of people prefer kayaks because of the slow and relaxing fishing experiences it can offer or even the fitness benefits. However, just because kayaks offer a more low-tech approach to angling doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of gadgets and gear to make things more interesting. While you don’t need much more than your kayak, rod, tackle box and pdf to have a great time fishing, here are just a few of the items on the market that promises to make your life even easier.


Columbia River Knife & Tool Guppie

Space is valuable on a kayak, so tools that can fulfill more than one function are very useful, especially if they are as portable as the “Guppie” from Columbia River Knife & Tool. It has a carabiner gate, so it can be carried on a pack, rope, D-ring or belt loop with ease. Thanks to its blade slot, it can be opened or closed with one hand if you want to make use of the high-carbon stainless steel blade. It also has an adjustable wrench jaw, removable bit carrier, and comes with a high-intensity LED light. Best of all, the Guppie is great for opening bottle caps or metal jar lids, which is always useful. It can even double as a money clip if want to keep some cash on hand.

Blakemore 8” Rod Floaters

All kayak anglers know how useful paddle clips and leashes are to prevent you from literally ending up a certain creek without a paddle, but what about your expensive rods? Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of capsizing with their kayak will have wished that they had something like the Blakemore 8” Rod Floaters. Although relatively inexpensive, they can help prevent you from ending up with all your expensive rods and reels ending up on the bottom of a river or lake. All you need to do is attach the rod floater above the handle of your rod by using the Velcro straps that are included and you’ll have some extra peace of mind.

The Fish Grip

If you are looking for a way to land a fish that isn’t just safer for your fingers, but also the fish as well then look no further than the Fish Grip. All that this simple device does is hold down the lip of the fish without causing any injury. Some types of fish have teeth that can cause serious harm if you are not careful and without something like the Fish Grip you might have to handle them in such a way that they lose a lot of their protective slime just to keep yourself safe. Anyone that has had a fish that got itself solidly hooked will know that removing it safely is not an easy feat. The Fish Grip not only makes the process of removing the hook easier, but it also has a wrist lanyard to keep it close at hand. Even if you do manage to drop it in the water, it floats, so it won’t sink to the bottom of the lake. If you really want to get fancy, go for a Fish Grip that glows in the dark for some low-light angling.

Rippin Lips No Trace

Ever wonder if it is perhaps your pungent odor that is preventing you from landing that prize catfish? Well, with Rippin Lips No Trace you can eliminate any unnatural odors that might be repelling the catfish or other species around you. According to Rippin Lips, No Trace is able to neutralize and eliminate the full spectrum of odor producing molecules and cover up any traces of your bug spray, sunscreen, smoke or more. It might sound like a gimmick, but plenty of fish, such as the largemouth bass, have a very keen sense of smell. This means that if you’ve been sitting stewing in the sun all day, chances are good that fish can smell you a mile away and keep their distance. Since No Trace promises to knock out 100% of the odors that make fish flee, you might just improve your odds out on the water.

TactiBite Fish Call

All is fair in love and kayak angling, so why wait for the fish to come to you when you can simply call them over. It sounds too good to be true, but apparently the TactiBite Fish Call is able to attract fish using sounds and vibrations. Since fish are not just naturally curious, but also always on the hunt for food, this device is usually irresistible to them. It features multiple built in sounds and can be used in saltwater as well as freshwater. TactiBite has a whole scientific explanation for why their device works on their website, but with their six month money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by trying it for yourself.


Fuzion Fish Eyes Rod and Reel

Fish finders and other gadgets can give you a good idea of what is happening below the surface of the water when you are fishing, but if you really want to see for yourself then you might want to try out the Fuzion Fish Eyes Rod and Reel. This gadget is basically a rod and reel that comes complete with a built-in underwater camera. It has a built-in LED light for capturing underwater images in any light conditions and everything is transmitted live to a bright LCD screen on the rod. While this is definitely not something for serious anglers, it is useful if you have younger children who might get bored of just sitting in the kayak and waiting for the next bite.

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