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Friday, 29 September 2017 16:27

Jackson Kayak “Liska” Set For 2018 Release

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The Cuda series of fishing kayaks have been a best seller for Jackson Kayaks and firm favorites amongst novice anglers looking for a great entry level kayak. However, if you are considering investing in a Cuda 12 kayak you might want to hold off for a few months. 

This is because Jackson Kayak has recently revealed their upcoming “Liska” kayak, which they describe as a reborn version of the Cuda series. The Liska looks set to feature everything that will get new kayak anglers off to a great start, but also enough features to make it appealing to experienced anglers.

Jackson Kayak named this new model the “Liska” in honor of their European Team Manager, Jan Liska, who sadly died in a skiing accident in the French Alps. Compared to the Cuda 12, the Liska is shorter at 12'1 but wider at 34 inches. The Liska also bumps the total capacity up to 435 pounds, compared to the 350 pounds of the Cuda 12. Thanks to the new specs, the Liska will be more maneuverable as well as more stable in comparison with the Cuda 12. According to Jackson Kayak, the Liska will be particularly interesting to anglers who are used to flat water conditions but desire more portability than what is typically available from larger, heavier models. The width of the hull also ensures a more comfortable fit for larger paddlers, those new to the hobby and anyone who want to take along more gear. The stability also means that it is easier to stand in this kayak and also more comfortable, thanks to its padded standing area.

Jackson Kayak is adding a Hi-Lo Ergo seat system to the Liska that is track-mounted to provide anglers with infinite trimming fore and aft. Since the seat is removable it can be replaced if you like or used to lunge at your camp or on the bank when away from your kayak. Other features that are worth noting include a center hatch, accessory track, multiple rod, tackle and deck storage options, a paddle holder and molded handle on the stern. Veterans will also appreciate the fact that the Liska is transducer ready offers an easy fish-finder integration option.

Anglers eager to get their hands on the Liska will have to wait until Spring 2018 when it will be available at Jackson Kayak dealers. The manufacturer suggested retail price for the Liska is $1,349, which is the same as the Cuda 12.

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