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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 15:56

New From Kaku Kayak This Fall: The Voodoo Fishing Paddle Craft

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Kaku Kayak has never been afraid to do things a little differently, so it is no surprise that their latest offering will be turning some heads.

 Appropriately named the “VooDoo” it is a paddle craft made by an avid angler for for those who are just as passionate about the hobby. While every new kayak on the market promises the moon and stars, the Voodoo actually looks like it could live up to expectations.

Kaku Kayak must have worked some black magic for the design of the Voodoo as it appears to cover all bases, no matter how picky you are about your paddle craft. The Voodoo not only offers stability that is off the charts, but also paddles well whether you are standing or sitting back in its comfortable seat. In fact, the chair is worth a special mention as it features a multi-purpose design that Kaku Kayak claims has never before been seen on the market. It offers two seating positions and can double as a sight casting/poling platform without the need to make any adjustments. The wide sitting area ensures that anglers won’t feel cramped while also providing more space to move around. Since the seat is constructed from strong tubing material, sturdiness is not an issue when using it as a standing platform for sight casting. The seat even has a leaning post, something more commonly found on flat boats, ensuring a higher seating position. Finally, since the seat is mounted on 30” aluminum top load gear tracks, it can be adjusted forward or backward while still leaving enough room for mounting additional accessories such as paddle holders, rod holders, cup holders and so on.

Of course, there is more to the Voodoo than its impressive seat. For the stern of the craft Kaku Kayak has opted to include no less than five molded-in micro Power Pole mounts. This means it allows for either single or dual Power-Pole Micro mounts. Furthermore, the Voodoo supports the ability to add motorized capability along with Power Pole Micro mounts. Since the unused mounts are covered with starboard, which can also be used to mount other accessories without the need to drill or screw directly into the hull.

At 13’ in length and 35” wide, the Voodoo has a lot of space and features a Stand Up Paddleboard style open deck in front of the seat while leaving enough space at the back to stow away a decent sized cooler too. Additional storage can be found towards the front courtesy of a large oval hatch that can be used to access the bow. In addition, another 8 inch round locking hatch can be found at the stern for even more storage options. The Voodoo weights 80lbs, but has a capacity of more than 400lbs.

The Voodoo was designed by Kevin Hawkins, president of Kaku, with the goal of appealing to sportsman fisherman who have a fondness for sight casting big fish from a paddle craft. This is why it has the stability to stand high, without sacrificing the ability to paddle well as well as the option to increase their range by adding power when necessary. Suffice to say, any anglers looking for a fishing paddle craft that will give them a range of options should be keeping an eye on the Voodoo. It is expected to ship this fall with a MSRP of $1199. 

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