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Wednesday, 12 July 2017 09:36

Bonafide Kayaks Debut at ICAST 2017 (VIDEO)

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If there is one thing that the ICAST 2017 trade show has made abundantly clear, it is that there has never been a better time to be a kayak angling enthusiast. One of the big reasons to be excited about this hobby is the launch of the brand new Bonafide Kayaks Sit | Stand Series.

Have a look at this video, where Hans Nutz takes us through all of the features of the SS127:

Comprising of the SS127 and the SS107, this series is sure to be very high on the wishlist of many anglers. YakAngler was fortunate enough to check out the SS127 in person at the show and find out why this kayak is sure to be very sought after.

Bonafide Kayaks considers the SS127 to be the ultimate fishing platform, which is a lofty claim, but it is hard to argue with what they had on display. The SS127 is the result of months of R&D and performance testing in order to create a kayak that delivers everything anglers expect, but without the usual compromises. According to Bonafide Kayaks CEO, Luther Cifers, his team set out to “crack the code” on hull performance, which is how they came up with a new hybrid cat hull design. Hans Nutz, design manager at Bonafide Kayaks, gave us a rundown of the 12'7” kayak at ICAST, where we got to see the hybrid hull system in action.

Thanks to its catamaran hull, the SS127 is able to deliver good tracking while also offering really good balance. At the bow of the SS127 you’ll find a really nice paddle park system where you can securely stow your paddle as well as rods. Nutz also took the opportunity to demonstrate the new Doubleheader hinge system on the kayak, which makes it easy to store rods inside your boat for added security. The hinges also mean that the bow hatch can also be opened when you are inside the boat, which is really convenient. The SS127 offers plenty of GearTracs, a true DryPod removable console and, of course, deck traction. Other neat features include a junk drawer that can be found underneath the seat, so you don’t have clutter rolling around. In terms of seating, the SS127 features HiRise seating, giving you an ultra-high bass boat-like position, which is great for something like sight fishing. Speaking of sight fishing, this kayak has PerchPads, so you can stand on the gunnels to make this easier. The seat can drop lower as well for those days where you have to paddle in windy conditions or similar situations. Speaking from personal experience, the seat is great and feels very stable despite being quite light.

In the stern of the kayak, there is a huge tank well, which is perfect for storing your Blackpak or crate. The tank well also has a hook and bungee system, so even a cooler or soft bag can be secured with ease. The oversized grab handle at the back of the SS127 is also actually hinged under the boat, so it won’t be in the way if you want to make use of a rudder or power pole.

After personally taking the SS127 out for a spin, what we have seen and experienced certainly matches up with what Bonafide Kayaks have been promising. The model that we got to try out was a prototype, so there might still be some small changes before the launch, but everything definitely looks and feels very solid already. Due to the low sides of the SS127 things might get a little wet in choppy conditions, but overall this kayak will definitely be an attractive option at its price point.  

Luther Cifers has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing, engineering and business development, so with him at the helm of Bonafide kayaks we are expecting great things from them in the future. The team also appears very dedicated to living up to being authentic, genuine and real, which is the definition of Bonafide, so watch this space.

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# PaddleWithHaley 2017-08-02 15:15
Looks promising! I did notice there didn't seem to be any rod holders though...is there a page we can go to for more specs? Is this kayak only offered through the manufacturer or will there be distributors?

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