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Thursday, 15 June 2017 17:14

Swell Watercraft Introduces New Sit-On-Top Kayak Based on Design by Tim Niemier

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Anyone who has ever owned or used a sit-on-top kayak owes a debt of gratitude to Tim Niemier, founder of Ocean Kayak and the man credited with introducing this design to the masses in the 1970s and 80s.

After selling Ocean Kayak, Niemier hasn’t been resting on his laurels either, but got involved in the design and creation of new lines of watercraft. One of these designs is the Swell Scupper 14, a brand new sit-on-top kayak by Swell Watercraft. According to Swell Watercraft, the Scupper 14 has been designed to be the ultimate performance sit-on-top kayak and, judging by the information available so far, they might just be right.

Frustrated with the fact that most modern kayaks are too big, slow and cumbersome, Swell Watercraft decided to take a fresh look and come up with something that anyone can paddle. The result is an ergonomic design that not only conforms to your body, but very comfortable even on long paddles. Thankfully, the Scupper 14 is also able to offer plenty of speed without sacrificing any stability. In fact, it is the fastest recreational fishing kayak currently available and, at 25” wide, it is also the most narrow boat available. There are also a couple of other firsts for this kayak, such as the fact that it is the first sit-on-top kayak to drop the footwells below the water line and has a unique cockpit that features 1-way drainage valves. This enables it to drain water out without letting any water in. In addition, the rudder of the Scupper 14 can conveniently fold up into the hull when you are not using it.

What makes the Scupper 14 of interest to anglers, apart from its speed, stability and comfort is its center console storage pod, outrigger pod system, flush mounted rod holders, Surf to Summit GTS Pro Seat and an 8” Sea-Lect Performance Hatch. It can be customized with accessories like the Outrigger Fishing Pod and offers plenty of mounting options thanks to gear tracks. 

The good news is that Swell Watercraft is running a Kickstarter for the Scupper 14 in order to purchase the tooling, equipment, and mold to mass produce this kayak. This is a great opportunity to save up to 35% on the price of the Scupper 14 and have it on your doorstep by August already. The Scupper 14 is available in plastic or lightweight carbon composite designs and is the type of boat that American saltwater kayak fishermen have been asking for, for a long time.

Check out the Swell Scupper 14 Kickstarter page for more information about this unique kayak. Pledges begin at $60 for those who want to support the project and net themselves a Swell Swag Pak, while pledges for the kayak begins at $856 and increases from there depending on the material and extras you want. You even get to choose the color of your boat, with the composite version available in ocean blue, lime green or jet black while the plastic version comes in mango, camo green, lime green, hot pink or ocean blue. 

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