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Thursday, 12 June 2014 00:00

Wilderness Systems New "Phase 3 AirPro MAX" Seat

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Much of the information floating around about the new Wilderness Systems lawn chair-style seat has either been completely off base or embellished. (What do you mean? Everything you read on the internet is TRUE!) So we decided to go straight to the source, and get what we could from our contacts at Confluence Outdoor.

The first leaked photo of the new seat many of you have already seen.

The first leaked photo of the new seat many of you have already seen.

Scuttlebutt one: The new seat will work on all newer models of Wilderness Systems kayaks.

Answer: False. According to Confluence Outdoor, the new seat will fit 2012-2014 model year “Ride” series kayaks.

Scuttlebutt two: The updated seats are going to cost $200-$300.

Answer: Partly true. Confluence estimates the “Phase 3® AirPro MAX” seat will add an additional $300 to the MSRP of new Ride series kayaks. However, purchased separately the Phase 3® AirPro MAX will be closer to $350. Confluence has yet to finalize 2014/2015 pricing.

The new seat back looks extremely comfortable.

Scuttlebutt three: Wilderness Systems will give you a discount to buy a Phase 3® AirPro MAX.

Answer: Partly true. Any 2012-2014 model year Wilderness Systems Ride purchased between May 1, - June 30, 2014 from participating dealers will be eligible to receive a voucher for $150 toward the purchase of a Wilderness Systems Phase 3® AirPro MAX seat when they are ready to ship. A complete list of participating dealers can be found here.

Scuttlebutt four: The new seats will be out next year

Answer: The seats are already in the hands of select Wildly Pros, but should be available October 2014.

We hope this sheds some light on Wilderness Systems’ new seat for their Ride series kayaks. We won’t get our hands on one until iCast next month, so keep checking back for updates!

All photos were taken from various social media posts on the internet.

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