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Tuesday, 21 January 2014 00:00

First Look YakAttack CellBlok

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When Luther Cifers of YakAttack asked for beta testers for his new product, the “CellBlok”, we knew we had to get our hands on one. The CellBlok is YakAttack’s solution for kayak fishermen looking for an all-in-one fishfinder mounting solution that can be easily moved from kayak to kayak.


YakAttack CellBlok Phillips Screw

Assembling the CellBlok using the instructions and hardware provided was simple and straightforward.  The only tool needed was a Phillips head screw driver.

YakAttack CellBlok Pre Drilled Holes

The CellBlok has mounting holes that lined up perfectly to the round RAM ball base for the fishfinder and diamond base for the RAM transducer arm.

YakAttack CellBlok Drainage

Groves and holes have been provided to drain water from the inside of the battery compartment.

YakAttack CellBlok Chord Wrap

Transducer cables are easily wrapped around the back of the CellBlok.

YakAttack CellBlok Battery Cover

YakAttack CellBlok Cover

A standard 12V fishfinder battery fits perfectly in the CellBlok with just enough room for excess power cable.

YakAttack CellBlok T Bolt

Mounting the CellBlok was easy with the provided T-Bolts on the Native Watercraft “Slayer Propel 13”.

YakAttack CellBlok Full

YakAttack CellBlok Kayak View

Pictured above Lowrance Elite-5 DSI mounted with RAM Quick Release Ball and RAM Transducer arm.

Kayak anglers looking for a self-contained fishfinder and battery solution that can be easily mounted to any kayak with rails should consider the YakAttack CellBlok. Its smart, compact layout is one of the best solutions we have seen. The CellBlok will be available for purchase Monday January 27th 2014.

Update: I've had some questions about wiring the CellBlok. There are not pre-drilled holes for the power cable, so you will have to drill the hole yourself. I choose to drill the hole on the same side as the cable management ties.

cell block wire passthrough

How I decided to route my power cable to the battery.

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