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Tuesday, 20 April 2010 02:00

Turn Salt Water Into Drinking Water

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Kayaking on the open ocean Kayaking on the open ocean

Kayaking and kayak fishing on the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, Pacific, or any of the other worlds seas is hard to beat.  The views are beautiful and the fish are large and plentiful.  One thing I think gets overlooked while kayak fishing on the ocean is fresh water.  Sure we all bring a water bottle or two to drink and keep hydrated during our fishing trip; but what if something goes wrong?  What if you get stranded, how long will those water bottles last.......



SeaPack portable desalination kit

Intended for emergency use, the SeaPack produces a life-saving drink directly from seawater.  Perfect for use on your off- shore boat, sea kayak or for use in your life raft.  The filtered drink is very similar to the juice from pressed grapes and provides 480 calories from each half liter of an important energy source during emergencies.  The tight osmotic membrane rejects a full 97% of the salt. Because the SeaPack is passive, there is no pumping involved.  This is obviously an advantage if the user has been injured or exhausted and would have difficulty operating a pump-style system.


  • Produces 0.5 liters of drink in 5 hours at 68 FNo pumping or electricity required
  • Only system in the world that produces a survival sports drink from pure salt water without the use of electricity, chemicals or any form of pumping
  • Filter will not clog
  • High salt rejection – 97%
SeaPack Parts
SeaPack Parts


  • Volume: 2.5 liters of sea water
  • Filter life: 10 uses over 10 days
  • Filter output: 0.5 liters (one pint) in 5 hours - .5 liters per syrup pack - comes with eight syrup packs to create 4 liters of drink
  • User effort: Seconds to fill, no work or electricity required for filtering

For more information about SeaPack please visit www.sea-pack.com

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