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Wednesday, 30 January 2013 15:46

New Seat Bases for the “Frontier” in 2013

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As an owner of the 2012 NuCanoe “Frontier”, the one area in need of improvement was the seat base. The great thing about the folks at NuCanoe is the way they listen to their customers. The seat base on the 2013 model is much improved. NuCanoe also made it very easy for 2012 owners to upgrade to the new base.

After a year fishing with my Frontier, I found that the old seat bases had a lot of flex and play. The flex was a big issue - it allowed the seat to lean quite a bit toward the back of the Frontier. This became very uncomfortable to sit in for long trips, where I spend several hours in the seated position. My lower back and legs were often very sore after a day on the water if I didn't spend a good amount of time standing. The play in the bases caused them to be noisy, which takes away one of the biggest advantages of fishing from a kayak – stealth. Many 2012 owners came up with custom bases because of the problems mentioned. I most likely would have done the same thing had NuCanoe not rectified the situation with the new base.

3041 - 2012 Frontier Multi-Seat Base 1

Old Seat

3041 - 2012 Frontier Multi-Seat Base 2

Old Seat Base

NuCanoe listened and hit a home run with the new base! My replacements arrived just in time for some winter fishing. I have had the opportunity to use the new bases on two trips this winter, and I am very impressed. They have four points of contact, which takes all of the play out of the base, and they are much sturdier. I used the new base on a pair of six-plus hour fishing trips, and was able to sit the entire time without any soreness. The connectors are also a much better design. The bolt is actually attached to piece that slides in the track, and then a knob screws onto the bolt from the top. This makes it much easier to mount the new seats compared to the old setup, where the bottom piece slid into the track and you screwed the knob and bolt in from the top.

3041-  Multi-Seat Base

New Seat / Base

IMG 0141

4 Point connection

The only real con I can think of is that with the new setup is the four rod holder spots (round holes in the old base) are gone. This was a necessity to be able to have four points of contact. This isn’t a big issue for me as I really never used them for that purpose, but I know when my daughter tagged along with me she did use them quite a bit.

In my opinion the Frontier is the ultimate fishing machine, and the improved seat base makes it even better. The best thing about the folks at NuCanoe is they are in tune with their customers - they take feedback and continue to improve their product. Job well done!

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Joe Maione

Joe Maione is an avid fisherman,  Pro Staff Member at Yakangler.com, and a Team NuCanoe member.  Joe is also a member of the Canoe Kentucky Pro Fishing team and an SHO baits pro staff member.  He is addicted to kayak fishing and spending time with his son and daughter in the outdoors. Joe considers himself a novice writer and photographer.


# newyakker 2013-01-31 09:07
That looks like a boat seat.Nice.
# FishinChix 2013-01-31 12:24
Are those the seats that come with the NuCanoe's?
# coachjoe 2013-01-31 12:40
Regular boat seat... NuCanoe offers several optional seats but comes standard with just the bases. I already had several boat seats collecting dust so that is what I use
# Kevin b 2015-07-28 12:31
I have this new 2013 seat base and it still collapeses. I bought the boat to be able to take my 80 year old dad out. He wanted a kayak so we thought this would be best for him so I would be able to take hime out. He sit in the front and at the end of the day he is leaning so far back his head is almost toughing me. It looks like he is in a lazyboy reclined all the way back. Now what is the fix for this? Thanks Kevin 517 294 3829
# coachjoe 2015-07-29 03:16
Kevin I never found the flex to be a big issue with that base, but didn't use it long because the rigid base came out and I went with that. My daughter used the other base but she doesn't weigh much at all. NuCanoe now has the rigid base in a high and a lower version - believe it would be a big help in your situation. I also made a seat base out of wood which worked great when the original bases had so much flex.

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