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Monday, 18 January 2010 22:57

Revolutionary Kayak Paddle Design by Backwater Paddle Company “Shocks and Awes” the Paddle Sports Market.

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I came across the press release below while searching the net for all things kayak fishing related.  I have not yet used this product so I can't honestly say whether its functionality has the "awe" factor that its look does, I wanted to share with you readers anyways.

Rockledge, Florida - January 11, 2010 – Backwater Paddles is launching its patented “hook and teeth” kayak blade design.   Predator and Piranha Fishing Hand Paddles and Raptor Kayak Paddles are shocking the paddle sports market.  Its revolutionary blade profile has left everyone in awe after their initial introduction to the paddles.  Paddle sportsmen and enthusiasts are thrilled by the paddles extraordinary looks, function and safety features.

“The patented ‘hook and teeth’ blade design instantly grabs your attention.”  The unique blades provide unparalleled function.  The “hook” on the top of the radically designed blades affords the paddler the opportunity to grab onto lines, docks, trees, boats, swimmers, floating gear, or anything you can possibly snag.  The “teeth” on the outside blade edge provide positive contact during any pushing evolution with the paddles.

Ed Halm, retired US Naval Survival Instructor and Backwater Paddle Company owner, is capitalizing on one of the fastest growing recreational markets.  Paddle sports.  Kayaking and canoeing, particularly kayak fishing is exploding into the paddling arena.  Kayak and paddle companies are rapidly evolving to develop and introduce new paddle equipment and accessories to satisfy this exploding outdoor sports market.  With his vast paddling and military survival experience, Ed identified potential paddling problems and provided distinctive solutions to the paddle sports market in an immeasurable way. Thus, the patented Backwater Paddle design.

The vision of Backwater Paddles is “not to just be another paddle manufacturer, but rather a cultural phenomenon in paddle innovation.”

There are no other paddle companies on the market competing with the Backwater Paddles design.  There is no sacrificing of hydrodynamics, weight or integral strength with these distinctive paddles.  Whether paddling for fun, fitness or fishing, Backwater Paddles patented designs are unmatched in quality, practicality and value.  These innovative paddle features guarantee a more controlled and secure evolution while paddling in any environment.

These revolutionary paddles can be seen at www.backwaterpaddles.com.

adam hayes

About the Author: Adam Hayes is an avid kayak angler and the Co. Founder of YakAngler.com. He enjoys spending time on the water with his friends and family and really just about anything than involves growing the sport of kayak fishing.


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