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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 01:00

Bassyaks The "Time Machine"

Written by Pat Horrigan
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Most of the contestants in the Kayak Fishing ClassicS spend a lot of time on the water pre-fishing the areas of our next tournaments. Scouting an area is a key to success in any fishing tournament and it can take up a lot of time. In a kayak, just getting there can do the same. “Bassyaks” has the answer!

Recently the ClassicS hired an on-the-water photographer to capture the fishing action for our publications. It was clear that paddling and snapping shots is a tough mix to get right and still be quiet. We don’t want to disturb the contestants and certainly do not want to blow a hook-up opportunity in a tournament. Bassyaks to the rescue!

The company provided the ClassicS with a Bassyaks trolling motor system setup just for our Diablo Paddlesports kayak. We installed the system in the shop, and quickly learned why so many kayak anglers do most everything to their own boats. Installation was straightforward and fun to do. Bassyaks provides everything that you need to motorize your kayak, and do so in world class fashion.

BASSYAKS at the Kayak Fishing ClassicSThe foot control steering utilizes the current foot pedals in your kayak by simply connecting a couple of cables. There is a throttle control rheostat for speed and motor direction control, a motor plug-in, and a kill switch. There is even an EM option that saves battery life. We used a couple of small AGM deep-cycle batteries, and these work just fine for our needs.

We tested our Bassyaks-powered “Time Machine”, and it proved to be much more than we had hoped for. This setup will save us an incredible amount of time, while allowing our photographer to silently slip up on contestants, hands free, for some great action shots. The 30 lbs. thrust trolling motor put our kayak up on plane at full throttle during our sea trials, so going against the wind or tides will be easy work.

A Bassyaks system will save you a ton of time to do what you are on the water for. Although no motors are allowed during the tournaments, some of our contestants use motors for pre-fishing, and many have asked us about the Bassyaks system. I can say that it is more than worth the price, and that it is a very well-designed and well-built unit.

Get yourself a Bassyaks system and enjoy the “Time Machine”. We’re glad that we did, and we’ll see you in the future.

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# Texas Fly Caster 2012-02-20 22:53
Heck of a souped up Diablo! Love it.

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