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Thursday, 10 December 2009 01:00

Welcome To The Fold!

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Interested in kayak fishing but live in an apartment without storage?  Want to kayak in Alaska but don’t want to rent one when you get up there?  Ever been driving down the road and pass that perfect spot to fish and not have your kayak strapped to the roof?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then I have one word for you FOLBOT.


The thought of having my yak stored in the trunk ready for that perfect stream passed along the road seemed too good to be true! Folbot’s compact folding design allows you to store and carry you kayak virtually anywhere.  All Folbot kayaks are lightweight and easily assembled the largest model can carry up to 600lbs and folds down into a convenient bag weighing just 62lbs.

Here is a shot of a different kayak the Citibot but you get the point of

Here is a shot of a different kayak the Citibot but you get the point of "portability"

The Edisto is YakAngler’s number one pick from Folbot’s diverse model lineup.  It’s the most versatile boat Folbot makes period. In its basic form it has an open cockpit with room for kids, dog or gear. Two optional EXP packages, with a mini deck or full deck, allow for paddling in more adventurous conditions. The Fish 'n Photo package, with its outrigger system, converts the Edisto into an ultra-stable platform from which to stand and cast or shoot award winning photos. Assembly is a breeze because all cross frames are accessible, and conversion from one configuration to the next is also a snap. The Edisto comes standard with one paddle, one seat, foot pegs and carrying bags.  www.folbot.com


Basic Edisto


In its basic form, the Edisto has an open cockpit with plenty of room for gear, making it perfect for fishing or casual paddling with children or a pet.


Mini-EXP Package


An inexpensive minimum deck option converts the Edisto into a river boat that will also take on bays, estuaries and other bigger water.


Full-EXP Package


With the fully enclosed spray deck and skirt option, you're ready for the ocean or an extended trip or expedition into conditions that could get exciting.


The Edisto Fish 'n Photo package


The package includes:

  • Sit-on-top seat for easier casting and greater visibility
  • Outrigger pontoon system for incredible stability
  • Floor deck to hold your gear or cooler
  • Scotty Bait caster rod holder
  • Lightweight PVC fluke style anchor
  • Mini deck to provide a little cover


Shots of the Edisto from Bag to Boat

Shots of the Edisto from Bag to Boat

For more information on this or any other Folbot kayak please visit: www.folbot.com

Download the Edisto owner's guide: Here

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