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Wednesday, 17 November 2010 09:29

Rod Holder Series - Part 2: Ram Rod Mounts

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In part 1 of this series on Rod Holders, we covered Scotty Rod Holders.  In part two of this series, I want to share with you Ram Mounts.  Ram Mounts use a ball and clamp style mechanism to hold the rod holder in place, which can come in handy if you simply want to lay the rod holders flat while paddling.  

As I mentioned above Ram Mounts use a ball and clamp to hold the rod holders in place.  One benefit to this over the push in and lock system by Scotty is that you have a much wide range of motion to position your Rod Holders.  

2x2.5_dia_baseRam Mount Standard Base:
Ram offers two base plate models, one being a 2.5” diameter circle base and the other being a 2 x 2.5” rectangle base (the rectangle base offers an additional backing plate for reinforcement).  Both of these base plates come in either a 1” or 1.5” ball.  Most of the Rod Holders accept the 1.5” ball, the 1” ball is usually used for other Ram Mount accessories, so pay attention if you’re ordering these components separately.

Ram Mount Rod Holders:

Revolution_Rod_HolderRevolution Series:  
Integrating two sought after features into a single system makes this new Rod Holder versatile to the extreme. Offering not only the patented RAM Rubber Ball and Socket Feature, but a ratcheting feature as Revolution_Tubewell, there is literally no limit to where this holder can be put or how it can be fished.


The RAM-119 tube holder is designed to hold the handle end of you fishing rod. It is an aluminum tube with a 1.5 inch socket at the end, connected to a 2.5 inch round base with a 1.5 inch ball.


2007_HolderRam Rod 2007 Series:
Take a look at the original RAM ROD series released in the year 2000. This unique concept did a whole lot more that just support a fishing rod. Allowing a quicker response to strikes and elevating the rod to a comfortable height spelled success for Fisherman everywhere. Keeping with that tried and true design, RAM now offers the RAM Rod 2007 series. Ideally suited for vessels as small as kayaks, to larger 2007_JR_fly_rodTournament or Charter boats, this new line of products is guaranteed to please.


RAM-Rod™ Light-Speed™ holder with RAM Rod Revolution socket and ratcheting mount, is a must have for the fishing enthusiast. Designed to mount vertically in your boat, you can rotate the rod holder 360 degrees, while tilting the cradle forward and back for the optimum angle.


Light_Speed_flush_mountRam Rod Flush Mount and Ram Rod Light Speed Revolution:
RAM-Rod™ Light-Speed™ holder with flush base, is a must have for the fishing enthusiast. Designed to mount onto a horizontal surface in your boat, you can rotate the rod holder 360 degrees, while tilting the cradle forward and back for the optimum angle.


Additional mounting and accessories options:

Ram Wedge Mount Hobie Scotty
Keeping things simple and versatile, the new RAM Ball Wedge Mounts are a great way to provide a mounting point to practically anything. Simply slide the wedge into the round opening of your rod holder base and tighten the screw. The new RAM Ball Wedge Base expands to accommodate holes from 7/8”- 1” diameter and locks in tight. Once installed, you have the perfect way to mount anything from RAM Rod holders, GPS, Cell Phone, Cup Holder, Fishfinder, or Flash Light which can all Ram_wedge_mountbe supported and perfectly positioned using this great new product.

Compatible With:

  • Scotty™ bases
  • Hobie Kayaks with sail mount ports 7/8”- 1” diameter

Get the most out of the space available on your kayak or boat with the RAM Five Spot Mount. With five locations to use for anything from rod holders to GPS to your fishfinder, this simple product provides unsurpassed versatility. Attach directly to the vessel or use the adaptor to securely mount to your current rod holder mounting bases. Ideally suited to a day on the water, there is even a place to store tools and fishing tackle.

For more information about Ram Mount prodcucts or to see other Ram Mount accessories, please visit:  http://www.ram-mount.com/

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