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Wednesday, 08 March 2017 13:00

5 Easy DIY Kayak Storage Ideas

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Owning a kayak is great for the freedom it gives you to go out on the water whenever time and weather permits you. Unfortunately, most kayaks are also rather large, which makes storage somewhat of an issue when it isn’t in use. Unless you have a huge property with plenty of space to keep your kayak tucked away safely, you’ll have to make the most of what you have. The following list shows the type of do-it-yourself approaches that kayak enthusiasts have come up with to keep their prized possessions out of the way and safe from damage.

DIY Canoe/Kayak Storage

This simple to make kayak storage rack is constructed from four 2X4s, plywood, PVC pipe and bolts. The 2X4s are screwed flat to the wall and you add rungs to them for the kayaks. The rungs are made from plywood with a piece of PVC pipe in the middle that prevents the wood from squeezing together and collapsing. The nice thing about this type of storage is that it can hold multiple kayaks.

DIY Kayak Cart

This DIY kayak cart not only provides a handy storage solution, but its mobility means that it can be shifted to wherever you have space and also makes it easier to load or unload the kayak if you transport it on the back of a truck. It can be made from materials readily available at Home Depot and tools you will probably already have in your garage. This includes screws, gloves, a drill, drill-bit, casters, and lumber.

DIY Indoor Kayak Storage

This DIY solution for storing kayaks indoors uses a different approach by making use of posts along with ratchet straps. The advantage of this method is that the weight of the kayak is distributed evenly in order to prevent any damage. Once again, this storage method is something you can construct yourself using materials that can be found at Home Depot or similar shops.

DIY Kayak Wall Hanger

For anyone with a lot of wall space, this DIY kayak wall hanger is a pretty convenient option. It was created using tubing that was bent into the correct shape to mount on the wall. With one piece of pipe it is possible to create two wall hangers, making it one of the most affordable designs that you can make yourself. It is also a custom solution that can be assembled very quickly.

DIY PVC Kayak Storage Rack

With this DIY storage rack all you need is some electrical PVC, tee joints and duct tape to create a solution that can easily hold up to three kayaks. Because of the design of this rack, it is also much easier to take apart if you no longer need it. It is also a relatively simple project to build as it can be done using only a rubber mallet, saw and tape measure as far as tools are concerned.


  • No matter where you store your kayak, it is important to pay attention to the temperature. Make sure that the temperature doesn’t dip below freezing or go above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If this happens the chances of the kayak becoming brittle is increased.
  • Also try to always clean your kayak before putting in storage to avoid any mildew or mold growing on it. This is especially important if you kayak in salt water as it can corrode the hull if not cleaned properly.
  • If you do mount your kayak on a wall, make sure that it is sturdy, so avoid hanging the kayak from plywood or drywalls.
  • No matter how you store your kayak, make sure that the weight is evenly distributed to avoid warping or deforming the hull.
  • If you have no choice but to store your kayak outside, use a tarp to protect it against the elements as well as any animals or insects that might want to use it as a shelter.
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