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Monday, 22 June 2015 00:00

A Geartrac-mounted bait board

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Saltwater anglers tend to use many different types of cut bait. Cutting and cleaning bait on the deck of our kayaks is damaging and ruins the aesthetics of the kayak. Here is the answer I developed.

As kayak anglers, we are constantly thinking of things to rig out our kayaks at just about any store we go to. While at Walmart browsing through the kitchen aisle, I stumbled across a polymer cheese cutting board priced at $3.00. If you cannot find the small cheese cutting board then you can also buy a larger board and simply cut it to the size of your liking and drill a hole where you would like to anchor it!

At first, I kept the board in my milk crate, but once it was full of cut bait I wanted a place that would could keep the bait on the board and covered with a rag. Then YakAttack started offering ”T-Bolt” kits, consisting of loose “Mightybolts” and nylon knobs. Like many modern fishing kayaks, the Jackson Kayak “Big Rig” has factory installed ”Geartracs” on both sides - great places to mount the board. Cutting bunker chunks, or cleaning and stripping out squid on this board is perfect. It’s out of the way from my paddle stroke and my steering.

Even if your kayak does not have factory-installed Geartracs they are easy to install aftermarket. The tracks don’t only have to hold the bait board - you can also mount any T-bolt accessory to the same track!

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Matthew Trucks

To introduce myself my name is Matt. Born and raised in New Jersey. Have been fishing since I was a young boy with my father on his boat the I’m Gone. Over the years he taught me much about fishing and the skills for catching fish. In my 30′s now I still use the techniques he taught me plus ones i have learned from experience and friends.

In 2008 I sold my 20 foot Wellcraft boat. That winter was looking for another boat when I stumbled on kayaks. The sit on top style for which i had never seen before. At this point in time I had yet to ever see any kayak anglers fishing Raritan Bay. With enough information and searching online for a used kayak I came across my first kayak. It was a Perception Caster 12.5. I decided to purchase a used boat to see if it was possible to fish off of a small platform like a kayak. It took a few days of fishing before the boat was rigged to my liking. Added a fish finder a rudder and rod holders to where I wanted them. Also added an anchor trolley.  Since then I have been fishing for many species of fish including Striped Bass, Fluke, Weakfish, and Black Fish. Sometimes I will fish the low sodium but more often im fishing the bays and back salty rivers.

In 2010 I was voted onto the East Coast Kayak Fishing Team. Great times with the guys from the team. We typically get together at the Jamaica Bay kayak fishing classic as most members are from New York and New Jersey. Honestly we should get the whole team together at the Elks Fluke Tournament. It would be a blast!

In March of 2012 I was accepted to be a member of the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team! As being a knowledgeable and skilled kayak angler also from falling in love with the new Jackson Kayak Cuda 14. Jackson Kayaks has revolutionized fishing kayaks with its extensive fishing line of boats. Both innovative and geared toward the angler Jackson kayaks have become a top of the line fishing kayak brand. I am proud to be a member of their fishing team for a third year!

In 2012 I also helped organize the Elks Fluke Tournament Kayak Division. The 5th annual and first to benefit Heroes on the Water. Although the weather did not cooperate it was still a great time to fish with fellow anglers. Again in 2013 i helped as part of the tournament committee. The weather in 2013 was spot on perfect!

Also in January 2013 I accepted a leadership team position within Heroes on the Water New Jersey chapter. The leadership team is composed of volunteers whom devote time towards all behind the scenes planning and management. A majority of the planning and organization is completed by the leadership team.  I was fortunate to join 9 other LT members whom work to provide events for wounded Unites States veterans to come kayak with a fishing guide. Please see the Chapters website for more information about volunteering or donating towards the program at http://heroesonthewater.org/chapters/new-jersey-chapter/

If you are new to the sport and have any questions for me also please feel free to email me Matt [at] ThePlasticHull.net or comment on my posts here. I am glad to help anyone and love to meet people new and or interested in the sport of Kayak Fishing.

So i hope you enjoyed my introduction. Please feel free to PM me with any questuons and enjoy your time on Yak Angler!


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# DDOlson 2015-06-28 11:32
Great idea...I had to share this one on Facebook.
# jaimeandtheyak 2015-07-06 22:55
I have been kicking around this very idea. Considering drilling some small holes along the edge to hold lures as I change them out.
# Spider1 2016-03-30 11:03
Matt, this is a great idea. Gonna be a great add-on to my yak. Now I'll just see if the Mrs is gonna miss the cheeze board! :-* Thanks!

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