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Wednesday, 12 November 2014 00:00

Secure Your Investment

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All too often, we hear of kayak anglers losing their rod and reels. Most loathe the thought of having lost “X brand” reel on “Z brand” rod, and reiterate the loss by giving the cost of the setup. To remedy this, many anglers use rod leashes.

I have seen anglers with rod leashes on their rods while they are in use, but have seen these same individuals with their rods left unsecure in the rod holders. This is a recipe for disaster, because when and if they “turtle” (flip), the rod and reels left unsecure will likely wind up in Davy Jones’ Locker.

I would like to share a very inexpensive way to limit the possibility of this happening. The answer is very simple - tarp bungees! I have used this method on the many different types of tackle storage systems I have had over the years, it works. All you need to do is purchase a few tarp bungee cords.

Drill a small hole in the front side of the rod holders. The hole only needs to be big enough that the bungee is able to pass through it.

Pull the looped end of the bungee through the hole and the plastic ball at the end will serve as the anchor point, as the ball will not pass through the hole.

While on the water, place your rods in the rod holders and pull the bungee over the reels, passing the reels through the center of the loop. This will hold the rods secure in their respective holders should the unthinkable happen and you join the turtle club.

Give this simple and inexpensive method a try to secure your investment while on the water. It will cost you very little to try, but may save you a lot more!

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Shane Coleman

Shane has been kayak fishing since 2009. Inshore saltwater kayak fishing is his addiction of choice. However, he enjoys the occasional offshore and freshwater trip as well. He most frequents the saltwater lakes, bayous, and marshes of Southwest Louisiana.

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