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Wednesday, 30 May 2012 22:53

Sailing a Hobie “Pro Angler”

Written by garth olivier
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It seems the wind is always blowing in north Texas. With little in the way of hills to hide behind on our lakes, wind has not been my friend. Trying to change this to a positive, I thought I would try the sail kit for the Hobie “Pro Angler”.

Hobie Mirage Kayak Sail Kit  HC 84514001

A bit of back ground: I grew up sailing a “Tak”, a rowboat with a sail and center board. I then changed to wind surfing. At the age of 20, I sailed on a boat from South Africa to the Caribbean. I have some experience sailing.

My local dealer offered me a good deal on a sail that was used once and returned. I picked up two pulleys and a cam cleat. I attached the pulley to the provided rear eyelet. I added the pulley and cam cleat to the equipment board; this enabled me to use one hand to manage the main sheet, and allows for quick release in case of being overpowered by wind.

On the trial run, I did not expect the Pro Angler to sail as well as a “dedicated” sailboat, but I was pleasantly surprised with the performance in light winds (8 - 15 mph). I could tack upwind [sail at an angle toward the wind direction – Ed.] and make progress, which was better than I expected - I thought I would only be able to beam reach [sail with the wind at a right angle to the boat – Ed.]. If you pedal some in light winds, you can even sail closer to the wind with less effort than pedaling alone. You can point higher as you build up speed due change in apparent wind. Once up to speed, you can maintain a little over 2 mph with little effort. Around noon, the wind picked up to 15 mph with gusts about 20. Things started to get a little interesting. I made 4 mph and had to sit out on edge of seat to keep boat even keeled.

20120520160533 Wind2012052020120520160533 Sailing20120520

During all this experimenting, I was trolling four lines. At this point, things were getting too exciting to be fishing. I think without the lines out it could have been fun, but there were too many things to manage.
20120520160533 Sail4
I ran (with the wind behind me) back to the landing. There were no issues running before the wind without a boom to keep the sail out. I was able to furl the sail by hand and lash it with a bungee cord. It is possible to stow the sail on deck while on the water.

Amid all the sailing, I  was interrupted by four small white bass about 8” - I tossed them all back. 

20120520160533 Sail3

Using a sail on a Hobie Pro Angler,is not only possible, but fun!



 About the Author: North Texas kayak angler trying to find some use of the wind. Been Kayak fishing since 2009

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# OlySpec 2012-06-08 12:17
Thanks for the article!!! I have been curious about sailing my PA and how it would perform.
# Pikecreek 2012-12-21 08:20
Never though of sailing in the PA, now you got me thinking about sailing my PA 12.
# Andreas 2016-03-31 21:13
Since I bought my PA 14 I've been thinking if the Mirage cassette part could be used making a long carbon fin to assist sailing and more efficient than the Turbo fins for the job - kind like optimist or 420 - 470' sailing boats .. This could lead to a larger sail kit - seen some around 40 sq feet - if I am not mistaken .! Then some solid Amas ( maybe even from a AI ???) could be added .. What you think ?

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