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Wednesday, 31 December 2014 00:00

Securing Small Items and Tools

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Each time you rig a kayak, there are new products and ideas that could be implemented to help make your human-powered watercraft catch fish - or so we think. The word that always comes to my mind when making rigging decisions is “convenience”.

Saturday, 08 August 2009 07:53

Installing A Stern Drag Chain

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\r\nArticle by: David Rodrigue (Drodrigue)\r\nThis is a fairly inexpensive way to i Article by: DavidRodrigue (Drodrigue) Thisisa fairly inexpensiveway toinstall a drag chainon a sit-on-topkayak. $48if you have tobuy everything listed.You may havemany of the itemslying aroundthe house orshop. This write-upmay look abit complicated,but that’sbecause Iexplain a lot
Wednesday, 25 November 2009 11:36

Build Your Own Kayak Camera Mount

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Would you like to video your own fishing trips?  Do you already have a video c Would you like tovideo your own fishingtrips?  Doyou already havea video camerabut only takevideos of othersbut not yourself? Well, hereis a simple Do-It-Yourselfvideocamera mountyou can makeyourself withonly a few itemsyou can aquireat a Home Depot,Lowes &Walmart........... Parts 4
Monday, 04 October 2010 15:37

Caring For Your Equipment!

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Author: Hunter King (RiverCrawler)\r\n\r\n“Taking care of your equipment is very Author: Hunter King(RiverCrawler) “Takingcareof your equipmentis very importantbecause itextends its life. There are differentways to dothis; there is preppinggear for storage,and preppinggear for thenext trip. Bothare very importantin extendingthe lifeof all sorts ofequipment, fromrods and
By FBMouche and Ole Hooker\r\n\r\nA while back I was thinking of buying another boatBy FBMouche and OleHooker A whileback I was thinkingof buyinganother boatand selling myUltimate. Ole Hookerwas also thinkingabout nottransporting aship every time hewent north or south.Thus, I soldmy Ultimate andwe bought a Guide119 from Dick’s.Ole Hookerwill now havea boat in Ohioand one in
Monday, 17 October 2011 09:18

Video: Coosa Anchor Trolley Install

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Author:  Mike Jones.........\r\n\r\nHere is a \"How To\" video some of our Coosa owneAuthor:  Mike Jones......... Hereisa "How To" videosome of our Coosaowners may beinterested in.
Saturday, 31 December 2011 06:45

How To: Mount a GoPro HD to a Jackson Coosa

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Due to the high seat position of the Jackson Coosa I needed a way to elevate my Due to the high seatposition of theJackson Coosa Ineeded a way to elevatemy GoPro HDin order to getthe right angle.My solutionwas to mounta YakAttack PanFishto the topof my crate usingthe Mighty Mount™ ThePanFish™was designedto captureover-the-shouldervideo.It featuresa split
Friday, 27 January 2012 14:46

How To Build A Castable Umbrella Rig

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Author:  Evan Howard.......\r\n\r\nThe most amazing thing about the ever popular AlAuthor:  Evan Howard....... Themostamazing thingabout the everpopular AlabamaRig, or A-rigas we shall callit, is the factthat it is extraordinarilyeasyto manufacture. Nothingmore than aglorified umbrellarig, the A-rigconsists of littlemore than wire,swivels, andsnaps.  It ismerely a new
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