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Monday, 17 January 2011 09:29

Wilbur and the Redfish – Revisited

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Wilbur and the Redfish – Revisited Photograph by Bill Howard

I got an email a while ago from Yakangler reader, Greg Becker.  Greg had just moved into the same area as me, and it seems he has the same problem as me.  He was bitten by the kayak angling bug.  Being a transplant from up north, Greg wanted to know if he could tag along and pick up a few pointers from me.  After several attempts we finally got our schedules to mesh and met up bright and early at the local park. 

Taking our time getting on the water, or the mixture of mud and water (Who pulled the plug last night?) that was due to an extreme low tide and north wind, we shoved off into the cold.  40 something degrees.  Not cold you say? I went out the morning before and it was 37.  That’s cold for this ole Florida boy.

I had a feeling it was going to be a slow morning, with the last few days of cold weather, the water temp had dipped, but determined we set off looking for some redfish.  Being a terrible guide, I didn’t put Greg on any; I did manage a few though.  Working schools of mullet with an Exude Gold Dart did the trick.

We weren’t alone out there on this day, Wilbur, or should I say Willimeana and her kids were out.  My first few pictures were taken from some cover, but as there was a small swash between us, I decided to get a bit bolder.  Walking out in the open, I walked right towards the rooting clan.  They didn’t even budge.

Wild Pigs Tampa Bay
So far this winter, the redfish bite has been off the chain.  Especially the “Rat” reds.  Redfish just below the slot limit are called Rat Reds.  This year there seems to be an abundance of them.  These fish, if they survive, will in two years be upper slot or over slot fish, so I look forward to catching some of these in the years to come.

Until next time…….

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