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Monday, 15 November 2010 07:37

Fish Are Strange

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Fish Are Strange Photograph by Rob DeVore
Sometimes, when you have perfect conditions, “textbook” spots and the undying itch to find fish, sometimes you only paddle away scratching your head. This is the report from day 1 of a 4 day weekend.  After not getting to fish AT ALL last week due to weather conditions and other responsibilities, I planned on fishing my entire 4 day weekend away with reckless abandon…even maybe camp out on one of the spoil islands. I decided not to camp, but went out fishing.
The weather has been “nice.” Cooler night time temperatures and northerly winds have dropped the water temps into the mid 60′s and with day time temps in the high 70′s, it makes for a great combination to find hungry fish.

Keith and I fish off of Dunedin Causeway regularly….but we only seem to fish the south side of the Causeway. This time, we went to the north west side. There is a maze of channels with grass flats and oyster shoals in this area so, I figured we could spend the day fishing and scouting around and see what we could find.

I hooked into something big right off the bat but it came off before I could see what it was. I was fishing along a large oyster shoal that drops off into about 10 feet of water right off the edge of oysters. There were periodic explosions of finger mullet in the area, so I was fishing a Storm Wild Eyed Shad rigged weedless with no weight. This lure is a solid imitation of a 3 inch mullet and quite versatile to fish with. You can swim it, fish it slow, fish it erratic. The tactic was to cast almost to the oyster bar and let the lure drift down the weedy drop off.

Storm Wild Eyed Shad

One thing to remember about fishing a bait like this is to keep the slack out of the line….easier said than done on a windy day like this….plus the braided line likes to catch the wind and “bow” , keeping slack out quite a chore.  I was casting into the current and working the lure down the slope and BAM! A nice 18 inch trout inhaled it….after repeating this a few times, I could tell they were holding about halfway down the hill, waiting in the current, using the sand holes in the weeds as a current break….biggest fish around 20 inches.

This one had 2 big canine teeth

Keith caught a stingray on a DOA Shrimp while I was chasing the mullet school around….add that to the list of species caught on that lure.

We were fishing a triangle shaped grass flat between two channels and I was looking for fish when out of the blue, a streaking fish was bolting across the flat right at my lure….it was a 3 foot tarpon! It swam a quick circle around it and really took a good look at it. I lightly twitched it as it started swimming away and it turned to look at it again! (All of this about 10 feet away from the kayak.) It swam off quickly but I was amazed at how far it came across the flat to have a look at my lure.

We ended up catching a few more trout and let the wind push us toward the put in. This was a great way to spend Veterans Day!

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