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Thursday, 02 September 2010 06:00

Day Two – Foggy start

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Day Two – Foggy start Photograph by Bill "Heywood" Howard
Our main target species for this trip was to be Tarpon, the big migratory fish show up this time of year, so this morning we were on the hunt for them. Kind of an eerie morning with some sea fog just out on the outer coast. We did see some big fish early, but they were hard to pattern as they would bust bait in one area then move on. They never really seemed to hang in one area to long. A bit later as the tide dropped some more, we came across an area that I would describe as a bowl. It was a deeper hole with water moving through it.

Dustin and Tommy waiting for the tarpon to show.

<i>And the Tarpon show up. This one was swimming along on the surface.</i>
And the Tarpon show up. This one was swimming along on the surface.

DaveR in search of the first redfish on fly. Earlier on Day One, I came across a red in a small cove with its back completely out of the water as it swam around chasing bait. It was great picture opportunity and I just sat that and watched.

DaveR in search of the first redfish on fly
DaveR in search of the first redfish on fly

Dustin on his way to who knows where. Never let Dustin get this far out of your sight. Something we would learn the hard way.

Dustin on his way to who knows where
Dustin on his way to who knows where

While in search of tarpon, they stayed in my little bowl area all morning, just couldn’t get them to eat anything, I did catch this nice redfish instead.

My Redfish

Once the tide switched and started coming back in, it was time to move to an area that Dave and I thought would hold the Black Drum.  It seemed the key for these drum was to find the oyster bars that had some of the saw grass growing on it. As you see in the picture, there is just a tiny bit of grass on this bar, but let me tell you, we had at least six drum on this one small oyster bar.

Waiting on tails.
Waiting on tails.

This was by far my favorite fish of the trip. It tailed right next to me. I made a backhand cast towards it, right in front of its nose. I saw it eat the lure, and we were of the races. Only one problem, it was on my 8’ Quantum Boca, Sabalos 3000 reel. Now I knew the rod and reel were up to the challenge, I’ve caught 50 pound tarpon on this setup, what I was not so sure of was the leader. At only 20 pounds, I knew it was only a matter of time before it broke.



Just after this picture, snap goes the leader. Oh well, I got the best part out of it anyway. So off I went in search of another one. Wasn’t long either, I managed this truly nasty one just a short time later. If you notice I’m standing on the oyster bar. Dave failed to mention he had seen another gator earlier.

Day Two came to a late end. No Tarpon once again. Seems myself and Dustin had the hot hands, with Dustin catching some really nice top water redfish. With a strengthening east wind for Day Three it would be our last shot at some Silver Kings.

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