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Friday, 09 May 2014 00:00

Cinco de Mayo on the Wando

Written by Jon Hughes
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Ever had one of those days where you look outside and think, “Why am I not fishing?” Yesterday was one of those days. It hit me around ten o’clock as I had just finished my work for the day; there was nothing but clear skies and calm winds. An hour later I was launching onto the Wando River. I still had three hours until high tide, so upstream I went.

On my first few casts, I was throwing a shallow water hard plastic (MirrOlure “MirrOdine”) along the banks. As the temperature broke into the 80s, I realized it was way too hot to keep that up, so I swapped over to a soft plastic Z-man paddle tail with a root beer body and a chartreuse tail on 1/8 oz chartreuse jig head. Around two o’clock, with very little action going on near the grass, I paddled away from the bank until I was in 15’ -20’ of water and headed downstream. I trolled the paddle tail on one side, and a Savage Gear artificial shrimp on the other. About a quarter mile down the river, a 15” speckled sea trout ate the paddle tail. It took a few hours, but I had finally managed to catch a fish.

A few more hours passed with nothing but a couple missed opportunities. For a moment, I considered calling it a day and going out for some Cinco de Mayo celebrations. However, days with weather this calm don’t happen often enough so I decided to paddle back to a small creek I had checked out earlier. I arrived to find mullet doing their usual acrobatics and multitudes of shrimp skimming the surface. The next meal was obviously not an issue for the fish residing here. Nevertheless, if they weren’t here, they would be soon. Stealthily, I worked my way in and set up camp. I threw a shrimp behind me to let it soak near the mouth of the creek. Within minutes, I reeled in a small flounder.

Meanwhile, with the sun sitting low in the sky, there was a nice shady spot spreading over the water. I began working an electric chicken paddle tail under some overhanging trees. BAM! My first thought was, “Looks like I might get an inshore slam after all!” Once I fought it for a few moments, I realized it wasn’t the redfish I was hoping for. But it was a FAT trout! Although it wasn’t an inshore slam, it was a new personal best at just over 22”. Most of all, it was a beautiful day spent on the water followed up with some awesome Mexican food and a tall beer.

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# islandgeek 2014-09-05 10:50
:-) Nice trout fishing on the Wando. People always tell me the root beer body chartreuse tail z man plastic bait works great. I need to get out on the Wando and try it when I get a chance. Nice Article Jonathan.

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