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Wednesday, 29 May 2013 21:01

Yielding to Obtain Victory

Written by Nick Dyroff
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“By Yielding, you may obtain victory” – Ovid. All too often, I have missed out on quality fishing trips because I let less important tasks get in the way of potential happiness. I sat at my desk knocking out spreadsheet after spreadsheet and felt inclined to complete something that realistically would not be finished that day, and didn’t have to be.

I received a text message from my good friend Paul Rivera, asking if I wanted to take a visit after work to my secret honey hole, a bass lake in Orlando. I immediately racked my brain up with other things that needed to be done, like laundry, dishes, and chocolate lab hair management. For a change, I agreed to go; all that would still be waiting for me when I got home.

We hit the lake with a few hours of daylight to put to use, and as usual the fishing was on!

Yield to obtain victory 2

Right off the bat we picked up a few smaller bass. We moved across the lake to find that following the recent rain, the fish pushed further off the shoreline to 5-6’ of water in the cattails. Paul began hooking up one after another as I worked the shoreline with my trusty Zoom® “Super Fluke”. I eventually came out to join him, and we quickly had a double hook-up on our hands.

Yield to obtain victory 3

Yield to obtain victory 4

After catching six or seven bass in that spot, the wind picked up and we decided to move somewhere out of the wind. As we worked a few different coves, I signaled to a special little spot for me, and called out my fish like Babe Ruth pointing a home run. The second my lure hit the surface, I was hooked up. I pulled two more bass out of the same exact area, as I have in the past.

Yield to obtain victory 5

Paul began working a spinnerbait, and did equally well in the deeper areas. At one point my line became tangled around the tip of my rod with about four feet of line out. I set the reel up towards the bow of the kayak and began to unwind the line; the lure was dangling on the surface just inches from my kayak. The second my line became free, the rod tip shot down in to the water and I quickly grabbed the handle. The fight was on, and I brought up a nice 22” bass.

Yield to obtain victory 6

I looked back at Paul, who was just ten yards behind me - his mouth was about as wide open as mine. I made a joke about it how we have been throwing our arms out trying to cast these lures and the fish are right under our stinking boats.

Yield to obtain victory 7

We each did very well that day, catching a dozen or more bass each in a matter of a few hours. Seven of the bass I caught that day were over 16”, which allowed me to throw some more points up on the board for the Kayak Wars online tournament.

By yielding what could be done later, I considered this... obtaining victory.

About the Author: Nick Dyroff (Nicky-D) is an avid fresh and saltwater angler out of Orlando, Florida. Ever since he learned to walk he has been fishing, beginning with the banks of the Hudson River in New York. He moved to Florida at a young age and began fishing the local lakes and Mosquito Lagoon with his father at age ten. Once old enough to drive, he saved up and purchased his first boat, a Mohawk Canoe. Every weekend he would load up the canoe and his surfboard and head for the coast in search of solid swells and tailing redfish. Flash forward over ten years and he now competitively and successfully fishes kayak tournaments around the state representing some of the best companies in the industry. With a full-time job in the insurance industry he still finds time to host fishing seminars, demo days, publish educational fishing articles and product reviews, film an online video series and attend fishing industry functions. His passion for growing the sport through education, youth involvement and a great sense of humor is evident when you first meet him. Nick Dyroff is the founder of The Barbie Rod Challenge, a new movement encouraging anglers to come out of their shells and stop taking life so serious. Fishing competitively can take a toll on anglers and almost takes all the fun out of fishing, so when Nick challenged a small group of Florida competitive anglers to fishing with Barbie Rods, a movement was born. What started with six anglers grew to over six-hundred within only a few months. The challenge helps seasoned anglers fall in love with fishing again and new anglers to enjoy the sport and compete on an even playing level.

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