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Thursday, 06 December 2012 07:27

An Old Familiar Place

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An Old Familiar Place Photograph by Bill Howard

After a late night with the family in Orlando, my glaring alarm clock woke me up right on cue. It was time to fish. Who would join me on this cool and windy morning? Team Becker, Greg and Robert. I got there early and hit a few spots before they arrived and had absolutely no luck, so once we got them unloaded and rigged up, it was off to the flats.

With a northeast wind, and a negative low tide fishing the backcountry mangroves was out of the question. In short time we found some nice schools of mullet, so it was just a matter of time before the redfish and trout showed up.

Robert Becker was the first to hookup, landing his personal best spotted seatrout, a nice healthy 21 inch beauty; I was quick to follow up with my own. Ok truth be told I hole jumped them, couldn’t resist.

Robert and Bill with two trout

One small slot redfish later (which wasn’t photo worthy) was all I was able to land, so with my legs going numb (no, I didn’t wear waders and the water temps is in the mid 60’s) we decided to make a move. Actually we had a little help with the decision, a boat load of “Googans” showed up, motored in front of us, then tried to sneak in behind us. Completely clueless as to where the fish were.

boat cramping our spot

So with an extreme low tide, I decided to take Team Becker to a secluded creek that in years past would hold snook on this type of tide. This creek has some really deep cuts, so these snook just hang out until the water comes back up. After our severe winter of a few years ago, I had not been back there to see how the snook population has rebounded. I was extremely happy to see what was waiting for us.

Robert casting to a snook

We put Robert in position, he made the cast, let it sit so the snook would settle down, gave it a twitch or two and it was “Fish On”.

snook hook up

snook jumping

And just like that, the snook came unbuttoned. I think Robert is still sulking over it.

Until next time...

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# Dschouest 2012-12-08 10:13
Heard about this article on KFR and wanted to say, awesome report!

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