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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 13:46

A Return to Cow Creek

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For my third trip back to the water, Greg, Rik, Steve and I decided a trip to Cow Creek was in order. With pesky north winds predicted for Saturday, it would offer us some protection and hopefully allow for some good fishing. With a major solunar feeding period right at sunrise, we met early and got out on the water in quick time. With a strong outgoing tide, hitting the points would be today’s theme. At our first stop, Greg and I both quickly hooked up on our first casts with some medium-sized trout - nothing to get excited about. We moved on and eventually got split up from Rik and Steve.

On this trip, we had another unbelievable topwater bite. At our second spot, I had a big, fat upper-slot redfish (18” to 27”) come completely out of the water, trying to kill my Heddon “Super Spook Jr.” I just let it sit on the water, and the red came back and nailed it - the fight was on! I’m pretty sure Rik and Steve both heard me when the hooked pulled on this fish. I was bummed; such an awesome strike, only to lose it in the middle of the fight. What usually happens in these situations is that the lure is hooked on the underside of the red’s mouth, making it easy to pull out if too much pressure is applied. It’s happened a lot, but it’s still disappointing. Now while all this was going on, Greg had his own excitement. He, too, had a red chasing a topwater, but was “short striking” it. I yelled over to him to throw a soft plastic at it, and sure enough he had already cast an Exude “Gold Dart”. On the second twitch of the lure, it was “fish on”.

pic 1 cow creek

We both had several more shots at redfish. Greg connected on a small snook and yelled over to me, “Slam, baby.” As soon as he said that, the snook flipped off, to which I responded by saying, “Karma, baby.”

pic 2 cow creek

We finally met back up with Rik and Steve, and learned that Rik landed a really nice 30” snook on the Super Spook Jr.

pic 3 cow creek

 Rik and his fishing buddy "Barney" admire a Cow Creek snook.

As I was getting pretty tired from all the paddling, I picked up the camera just in time to capture Steve making a perfect cast at one of the many points we fished that day.

pic 4 cow creek

One more stop, only to get frustrated by a school of tailing redfish, and it was back to the launch to end the day. As we approached, Greg and I noticed someone standing guard over our vehicles:

pic 5 cow creek

Well, another day at Cow Creek had come and gone. I lost count of the day’s total, although these days that’s not important. It was just good to escape and get on the water with good friends.

Until next time…

(Thanks to Greg Becker and Steve Manning for the photos)

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