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Thursday, 24 May 2012 00:00

Supermoon Pond Fishing

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This past Saturday night was our “Supermoon” for the year. The Supermoon is the time when the Moon’s orbit is closest to the earth. During this time the Moon appears approximately 14% larger, and you will see some of the biggest tides of the year in the days leading up to and following it. Unfortunately, I was not able to get to the coast to fish the tides and experience some of the great fishing I would later hear about...

However, I did take the opportunity to go to some local ponds to see what was biting.

On Saturday evening, I headed to Grassy Pond in hopes the bass would be back into the pre-spawn mode. The bass had started to move up onto beds in March in southwestern New Hampshire. Some needed rain and cold weather pushed the bass back into the deep water, and they have been pretty lock-jawed for the entire month of April.
2 coosa 1055
I launched my Jackson “Coosa” around 6:00 pm and paddled out to some favorite spots. After a few minutes, the pickerel showed up and on started chewing up my topwater bait. After landing a few, I moved spots to try to find some bass - with the same results. I tried some of the deeper channels with no luck, so I went back to catch some pickerel and watch the moon rise. As the moon reached the top of trees I caught my one bass of the evening, a small male up in the shallows. The final count for the evening was ten pickerel and one bass, and was by far the best action of the season for me.
3 fish on 1057
The next morning I headed to Mountain Brook Reservoir with my youngest son, SharkBait. Mountain Brook is normally a few degrees warmer then Grassy Pond, so I was again hoping to find some bass feeding. We headed directly over to a mud flat where I had some luck back in March. I set my son up with a nightcrawler, and went to do some exploring and see what I could find. After two casts I had a nice pickerel scarring up my lure. Two more casts and I was pulling in another. There were not going to be many bass around today, but I knew this was going to be an epic morning for my son.
4 smile 1056
The next thing I had to do was figure out what lure my son could use.  The Rapala “Twitchin’ Rap” I was trying would be constantly in weeds for him, since I was carefully skimming the top of them.  I tied on a chrome floating “Rat-L-Trap” ; it’s easy lure to fish, and should stay right above the weed line. After a few missed hook sets, he had his first pickerel in his kayak. The constant action continued for the next three hours. The bite finally slowed down some, and we paddled back to the ramp to head out for breakfast. The count for the day ended up being 24 pickerel, no bass, and one awesome memory.
5 big one 1058
So next time you hear about an event called the Supermoon, make sure you get out on the water and do some fishing. You may have a great time fishing and make memory you’ll never forget.

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Gregg Crisp

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Gregg Crisp has been an avid fisherman all of his life. In 2007 he rented his first kayak and discovered kayak fishing.  A year later a new one was in his driveway and he has never looked back. He frequents the waters around Boston in search of Striped Bass, and also spends plenty of time chasing Black Bass in the sweet water.  As an environmental contractor he has traveled and lived all over the United States, having fished in over 20 states. He currently resides in New Hampshire with his wife and two sons. Gregg authors the Blog YakFish.net, is part of the Yak Angler, Werner PaddlesRat-L-Trap & YakDaddy.net  ProStaff and is a member of the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team.



# YakSushi 2012-05-24 05:50
Wish I could have gotten out on to the water that weekend...

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