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Monday, 06 June 2011 02:00

Joppa Flats 6-5-11

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Joppa Flats 6-5-11 Photograph by Gregg Crisp

Sunday morning I decided to fish Joppa Flats for the first time. High tide was around 2AM and since you have to fish this location +/- 3 hours from high tide I decided to launch at 1AM and I would be off the water around 5 when the sun was coming up.


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I launched into beautiful conditions as the wind had dropped to about 2 knots which made the water like glass. The air temp was a little cold at 48F and the water temp was surprisingly chilly at 55F. As I paddled away from the launch the water temperature stayed cool and there were no fish to be found. At the eastern end of the flats I spotted a fog bank sitting steady, I paddle over to it on the chance that was caused by warmer water temperatures and not colder air temps. I was right, as soon as I crossed into the fog the water temp jumped 4F and was soon all the way up to 61F. With the warm water found my real soon went off, the first two times the fish shook the hook loose. But the third time my Butchie Built Tube hooked up on a nice 28” Striped Bass.

The rest of the night provided a handful of schoolies all 18”-20”. Overall it was a beautiful night with clear skies and lots of shooting stars, as well as enough action to keep things interesting. I will be returning there soon.

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Gregg Crisp

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Gregg Crisp has been an avid fisherman all of his life. In 2007 he rented his first kayak and discovered kayak fishing.  A year later a new one was in his driveway and he has never looked back. He frequents the waters around Boston in search of Striped Bass, and also spends plenty of time chasing Black Bass in the sweet water.  As an environmental contractor he has traveled and lived all over the United States, having fished in over 20 states. He currently resides in New Hampshire with his wife and two sons. Gregg authors the Blog YakFish.net, is part of the Yak Angler, Werner PaddlesRat-L-Trap & YakDaddy.net  ProStaff and is a member of the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team.

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