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Saturday, 29 May 2010 07:13

Mid Atlantic Fishing Report

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Many of the boaters and YakAngler’s in North Carolina have been slaying the Cobia Many of the boaters and YakAngler’s in North Carolina have been slaying the Cobia
Mid Atlantic region report for the week of the 22nd of May to the 29th of May.  The fishing is getting better, in the sodium and fresh water. The fresh water around the area has warmed to a balmy 75 to 80 degrees. So many of the bass have moved off the beds and are in the final stages of the post spawn. Top waters have been the ticket; also the bait of choice recently has been drop shot rig. Not just any rig, a Secret Weapon Lures Recoil Rig.
Secret Weapon Recoil Rig
This is one bad mamba jama; it works great for many of the deep water docks that the females have been sitting under. Toss it out and give it a jiggle keeping your line tight, give it a sharp upward movement, let it sink, wait a second then repeat, many of my bass have hit on that pause after the drop. Don’t give a Bill Dance style hook set, just reel tight and a small pop of the rod tip is all you need. (The rig is great with a small hook and crappie plastic for brim and crappie).

Cobia photo from www.extremecoast.com
Cobia photo from www.extremecoast.com
The salt has taken a hit recently up and down the coast line, we had a heavy north east wind that has pushed water temps back down into the low 60s but with the recent wind change back to the south east has made the temps start to climb back up. Kayak Kevin www.kayakevin.com has been slaying the red drum and black drum on the eastern shore of Virginia. Many of the boaters and YakAngler’s in North Carolina have been slaying the Cobia. The Chesapeake Bay is filling up with Cobia, with a monster 81lb behemoth being caught last Wednesday on a flounder rig! Speaking of flounder, up and down the eastern seaboard they have been moving back in from there deep water wintering holes.  The Redfish are also moving up the coast, with the puppies in the inlets hitting popping corked gulps and live baits. Blues and stripers are still in the bay, and are eating like crazy for their push north.

The “Crew’s” prediction for the coming week: for many of the freshwater species and the 90+ degree days in our future will make things very interesting. Frogs and tadpole cranks are great for this time of year. Along with the usual suspects that will produce. On the salty side expect the water temps to get into the high 60s by next weekend; this will be the precursor that will bring on the Spanish mackerel and more of our summer time species, in bigger numbers. This is just the beginning of an excellent summer fishing season. Tight lines and stay safe
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