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Wednesday, 26 December 2012 16:20

Goin’ Home, I’m Goin’ Home

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In dire need of some rest and relaxation, I loaded up the truck this past weekend and hit the road for Pennsylvania. The drive is not short, but the worst part was paying the $12 Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel toll and driving past the striper fleet anchored up under the High Rise. I glanced over toward the famed concrete ships, knowing that at least a few kayakers were down in the blackness, dunking eels for the Kipto Kows. I’d hoped to join them this year, but it wasn’t to be.On the plus side, I didn’t need to buy a heavy outfit.

Though I typically fish my favorite streams back in PA, I decided to take my kayak for this trip and visit a lake I hadn’t fished since high school. The lake holds stocked trout, bass, panfish, and a few toothy critters. I was ready for them with my light spinning outfits, bringing the hopefully irresistible slow troll with the aid of my new Lowrance Mark 4.

kayak fishing launch

There were a few shore fishermen when I arrived, but the lake was serene. I launched and started methodically searching for marks. The marks weren’t looking for me, however, and it was over an hour before one of my rods knocked down. The fish came unbuttoned, and I checked the hooks of my tiny Rapala—all intact and laser-sharp.

kayak fishing lake view

A heron and a few mallards kept me company as I continued slowly paddling, looking for structure, bait, and fish. The shorebound anglers weren’t hooking up, and we exchanged knowing glances as I glided past, giving them a wide berth. Eventually, I marked some suspended fish, and the Rapala rod doubled over. If I couldn’t actually sight fish, the targeted troll was a fair proxy. I landed the small rainbow and snapped a quick pic before releasing the stockie to wind up on someone else’s plate.

kayak fishing trout

I doubled back and hit the school again, and this time, the spinner on my other rod produced. This fish was larger, and I entertained visions of a big bow crisping in the pan. Something wasn’t quite right, however, and as the fish broke the surface, I laughed: a little pickerel.

kayak fishing muske

I slid him back into the lake, and paddled back to the launch, hoping he’d be able to fatten up on the hatchery bows. I took a few pictures of the lake in the setting sun, and drove back with my folks to enjoy a home-cooked meal.

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Ben Hoover

Ben is an avid kayak angler who plies the waters of Hampton Roads, Virginia with fly and light tackle. A transplanted Yankee, he developed a true taste for the salt after moving south of the Mason-Dixon. He is a proud HOW volunteer and remains loyal to http://www.flyfishersparadise.com/, his employer throughout college. Ben can be found on the water under cover of darkness, waving a stick in a plastic boat. He is slowly but surely learning to gear fish.


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