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Friday, 09 November 2012 08:06

Sea Change and Spreading the Love

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The window-down kind of days have slowly brought on the wader-up type of outings. Like a banner of farewell, the bold colors of the trees bid bon voyage to the mass exodus that brings about a sea change to the Chesapeake Bay fishery.

The last several weeks have been a great time to take advantage of the gluttonous appetite of many species on the way out. And if there was a certain summer specie you were looking for, unfortunately time is running out. My quest for a trophy croaker (3lbs or 20") will have to resume next year as I fell short in 2012.

16.5 Inch Croaker caught kayak fishing in Virginia

16.5" Croaker

One of the species that stay available almost all year, including winter in certain warm water pockets is the speckled trout. Local legend and trout master, Forrest Short, was once again generous enough to let me hang out with him a few weeks ago.

lil trout caught kayak fishing and tagged in Virginia

Tagged little trout

But even the most decorated anglers have off days. All we got was this lil 17"er. However, he redeemed himself a week later or so later with an amazing day that included a beautiful 25.5"er.

On Sunday the 21st, I took my cousin Chris and his friend Steve out to meet Richie Bekolay at the trout hole. Long story short, casting MirroLures, jigging soft plastics and trolling either or both did the trick. Pink, pink/yellow, chartreuse, peppered white, and dark greens with chartreuse tails were the flavors of the day. Several nice specks up to 20" and a few small reds were tagged and released.

Richie Bekolay 18 inch Speckled Trout

Richie Bekolay 18" Speckled Trout

Chris Lee with an 18 Speckled Trout caught kayak fishing

Chris Lee with an 18" Speckled Trout.  He also had a pretty 20"er earlier

speckled trout close up

speckled trout eye close up

We were off the water just as the sun was setting. After a bite to eat we launched again at the HRBT. There was 2 hours left of the outgoing and I was hopeful. But I was wrong. As my cousin put it, I "snipered" off the one lone striper we saw on the entire light line. It was a skinny little 21"er and I put the lure perfectly in it's path. Unfortunately no picture. As the current slowed, we jigged for whatever wanted to bite since we had to wait until the tide swung. After several gray trout, I picked up a 15" flounder and just as I was tossing it toward my cousin (just to startle him) I realized that was my inshore slam (speck, red & flounder)... and with the striper, an inshore grand slam... a pleasant surprise, but unfortunately, no pictures of the flounder or striper. As the incoming current picked up I was really hoping that the stripers would line up thick. However, after 2.5 hours into the tide, I knew it wasn't going to happen. We found a few here and there that were very finicky. I managed to entice 8 or so up to 27". Chris and Steve had a few follow their lures but not commit. It was great none the less to see them so excited. Actually seeing the fish, sometimes literally right next to the kayak in paddle touching distance, reacting to their presentations is really a magical thing. Even though they didn't catch any, they understood the challenge and what to look for. They'll be back, I'm sure.

It was a great day to enjoy the season and spread the love... and the addiction.

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Rob Choi

About the Author: Rob Choi is an avid kayak angler from Richmond, VA and although he lives close to the mighty James River, he frequents the Chesapeake Bay more often. His addiction to the salt has earned him a reputation among the locals as the fish junkie with reckless abandon to logic, time, and societal norms in his pursuit for the “tug that is the drug”. What he lacks in long term experience, he makes up in his passionate dedication to the sport now. He shares his love of the sport through his blog, www.angling-addict.com, as well as being a prostaff member at Ocean Kayak, Maui Jim Sunglasses, YakAngler.com, YakAttack, Werner Paddles, and crew member of HOOK 1 and Kayak Bass Fishing.


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