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Tuesday, 24 May 2011 07:56

Rob Choi's Week Wrapup

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Rob Choi's Week Wrapup Photograph by Rob Choi

Saturday: After my last kayak fishing trip to the Eastern Shore, I've been itchin' to get back out there in search of the big reds. Knowing that I won't be able to go during Mother's Day weekend, I took Friday off, and headed down Thursday night.

I stopped at the HRBT around 10:30pm for a little lightline action and caught croaker, hickory shad, dink flounder and about 15 schoolie stripers ranging from 19" to 25". I told myself I was only going to stay a couple of hours so I could get to the Eastern Shore and rest up before getting up early the next day. The wind was stronger than the forecast called for, but I still couldn't leave the biting stripers until 3:30am. The unpredictable Spring Winds were also stronger than anticipated the following day as well. Rather than the 9-12 kts they said it would be, it was 15-20 kts. Not fun. Kevin, Damien and I looked for the big stripers and reds with no luck. A change of plans brought some flounder up to 20"

Kayak Kevin in the Marsh

I'm glad I at least got on the flounder, but I'm jealous of those who are able to fish this weekend.

Rob Chio's flounder from a kayak

I desperately want to find more bull reds and with the wind supposedly being minimal, those who go this weekend should have a good chance at them. My wife deserves a good Mother's Day weekend, so that is what I must focus on.

Tuesday: I had a mean hankerin' so I made the hour and twenty minute drive down to the HRBT to get my fix. Upon arrival I found a veritable buffet of light tackle species under the bridge. The shad, up to 16" were in thick as well as the croaker, up to 12". The croaker were so thick it took me a while to find a flounder bite. When the jighead n' gulp wasn't torn up as soon as it hit the bottom, the flounder up to 15" were willing to take the lure. Not only that, the bluefish were everywhere also. I switched to a Yozuri Crystal minnow after getting tired of my soft plastics being bitten in half. However, I was quickly reminded of how much I disliked bluefish and treble hooks.

Luckily, that's not my blood. I removed the first of the two treble hooks from the lure, leaving just the one on the rear. Bluefish + multiple treble hooks = Loud profanity and incessant damning of the freakishly hyper specie.

I also found good numbers of 21" - 25" stripers as well. In the mix, I managed to find this guy and enticed him to partake of my 3" paddletail offering.

HRBT kayak fishing Striper

I probably could have pinched the tail and took it home, but I didn't.

For a gorgeous night out, there was hardly anyone out on the water. I saw one kayaker heading in as I was heading out and one other boat. I basically had the whole place to myself and had a pretty good time.... satisfied for now.

But the Eastern Shore Reds are still heavy on my mind...


About the Author: Rob Choi is an avid kayak angler from the Chesapeake Bay area in Virginia and a Pro Staff Member at Yakangler.com. He has earned a reputation among the locals as the fish junkie with reckless abandon to logic, time, and societal norms in his pursuit for the "tug that is the drug".  He shares his love of the sport through his blog www.angling-addict.com.

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Rob Choi

About the Author: Rob Choi is an avid kayak angler from Richmond, VA and although he lives close to the mighty James River, he frequents the Chesapeake Bay more often. His addiction to the salt has earned him a reputation among the locals as the fish junkie with reckless abandon to logic, time, and societal norms in his pursuit for the “tug that is the drug”. What he lacks in long term experience, he makes up in his passionate dedication to the sport now. He shares his love of the sport through his blog, www.angling-addict.com, as well as being a prostaff member at Ocean Kayak, Maui Jim Sunglasses, YakAngler.com, YakAttack, Werner Paddles, and crew member of HOOK 1 and Kayak Bass Fishing.


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