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Monday, 31 December 2012 12:43

A Winter Large Mouth Trip in Kentucky

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I had the chance to hit the water yesterday (December 28) and I wasn't going to miss it. Most people think I am crazy going out in freezing temperatures and chasing fish. I absolutely love winter fishing! The action is slow, but I love the challenge and how peaceful it is out on the water this time of the year. Although fishing is tough, the reward this time of year is usually bigger fish.

Adam and I met about 9:40 am. We got everything loaded up and hit the road for the Compound, with a traditional stop at Waffle House on the way. We got on the water about 11:15 am or so, and fished until a little after 3:00 pm. The air temperature was 31°F when we arrived and climbed to 37°F by the time we finished fishing. I wasn't able to get a water temperature, but it was COLD! Water has come up with all the rain and snow we have had lately, which is good since last time I was there about three weeks ago the water was very low.

IMG 0143

We each managed to bring three fish to the boat. Adam took big fish honors with a fat 22”. All fish were caught on what has become a winter go-to large mouth bait for me - the Zoom “Trick Worm” fished on a Shakey Head jig.

trick worm

When the fish hit they inhaled it. I didn't get any short strikes today - they were definitely feeding. I fished the worms really slowly in a rhythm that has seemed to work very well in cold weather; shake it in place, let it sit, shake again… Very slow fishing, but very effective.

1st fish

IMG 0147

For the day, I ended with a total of 43.5” on three fish: a 13” to start the day, followed shortly by a 15 ½”, and then I finished with a 15”. Adam caught two smaller 12-13” fish and then the whopper 22” that I think weighed 6 ½ lbs., or maybe more - it was so fat!

Adams fish

Winter fishing isn't for everyone, but the rewards are worth it for me. I would like to throw this out there though: be CAREFUL! Cold air and water temperatures are no joke. Wear your PFD, have dry clothes ready if you go in and a way to start a fire for warmth.

Look for more reports soon. I have a problem, and can't stay away from the water - even in the dead of winter.

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Joe Maione

Joe Maione is an avid fisherman,  Pro Staff Member at Yakangler.com, and a Team NuCanoe member.  Joe is also a member of the Canoe Kentucky Pro Fishing team and an SHO baits pro staff member.  He is addicted to kayak fishing and spending time with his son and daughter in the outdoors. Joe considers himself a novice writer and photographer.


# gleone44 2013-02-04 18:50
Is that Adam as in "Adam Hayes"? Nice fish!

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