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Thursday, 06 October 2011 02:00

3 Days Of Kayak Fishing

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3 Days Of Kayak Fishing Photograph by Mark Watanabe

Although many of us would love to get out onto the water on kayak fishing on a daily basis, typically we might go 1 or twice a week… I was lucky enough this past weekend to hit the water three days consecutively. One of the days wasn’t really a weekend “There was an illness in the family that forced me to call in”.

My kayak fishing extended weekend started on Saturday. I decided to make a quick trip to one of Fort Knox’s MWR parks, Camp Carlson. The wind was blowing pretty well so I initially tired my luck on a section of Beaver Creek that runs through the park. I stayed on the creek for about an hour without the tiniest nibble or bite.

On the Camp Carlson Lake the bass were not cooperating, the cold front must have shut down the bite. Luckily the Crappie were cooperating, preventing a skunkfest on Saturday.


The Crappie were suspended in about 10 feet of water hugging close to the weed line.



The trusty Blue Shad Rapala DT6 did the trick and I managed 5 nice fish before the wind really picked up.

Sunday Adam and I wanted to check out River City Cano and Kayak’s launch on Harrods Creek. RCCK also rents canoes and kayaks from this location; you can find more info about hours of operation and prices here.



The water was hardly moving on the creek, in fact I swear at one point the water was flowing upstream!



We didn’t catch any monsters but both Adam and I were able to catch 5 or 6 bass “both small and largemouth”.


Lure of the day was a watermelon seed wacky rigged YUM Dinger.

The day after Sunday “remember the illness”, Joe and I hit what we have affectionately dubbed THE FISH COMPOUND.


We didn’t get onto the water until 1 or 2 pm, the bite was pretty slow. Now when I say the bite was pretty slow, this lake typically produces 50+ 12-15 inch bass a trip with the occasional 6 to 7 pounder.




I caught all my bass on 2 baits, a Rapala DT6 and wacky rigged YUM Dinger. I swear I throw other lures; these are just my top producers.

Like Camp Carlson the bass seemed to have a bit of lock jaw from the last cold front the rolled in earlier in the week.


We ended the day with 29 bass total, the largest only being 15 inches which I caught from the dock after we pulled the yaks out "that's why it looks like I'm sitting in the grass". Still a great day on the water and a great 3 days fishing!


About the Author: Mark "YakSushi" Watanabe is the Co. Founder of YakAngler.com and the Founder of YakSushi Media. He considers himself a mediocre fisherman and an unexceptional writer. He's the devoted father of two little "Sushi's" and everyday tech ninja.

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Mark Watanabe

Mark "YakSushi" Watanabe is the Co. Founder of YakAngler.com, "He built this site!". He considers himself a mediocre fisherman and an unexceptional writer. He's the devoted father of a ton of little sushis (Air Quotes) and everyday tech ninja.


# JFW3 2013-06-30 18:17
Great looking fish

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