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Outdoor Retailer 2015

  • Hurricane Skimmer
  • Outdoor Retailer 2015 - YakAttack
  • Outdoor Retailer 2015 -VSN mobil V.360
  • Outdoor Retailer 2015 - SylvanSport
  • Outdoor Retailer 2015 - Spyderco
Hurricane Skimmer
Hurricane Skimmer
Jameson Redding and Steve Jordan walk through the new Hurricane Skimmer pedal kayak, which is the only thermoformed pedal kayak on the market to date. After teaming up with Native Kayaks there's lots of great features packed into this Hurricane kayak.
Outdoor Retailer 2015 - YakAttack
Outdoor Retailer 2015 - YakAttack
YakAttack owner Luther Cifers shares with us the newest items available to the kayak fishing community.
Outdoor Retailer 2015 -VSN mobil V.360
Outdoor Retailer 2015 -VSN mobil V.360
VSN's waterproof "V.360" is one of the newest offerings in the 360 degree video camera market.
Outdoor Retailer 2015 - SylvanSport
Outdoor Retailer 2015 - SylvanSport "Go-Easy"
Jameson Redding, host of YakAngler's "Inside and Out", speaks with SylvanSport owner Tom Dempsey. They recently introduced the "Go-Easy", a great trailer for hauling your kayaks and gear.
Outdoor Retailer 2015 - Spyderco
Outdoor Retailer 2015 - Spyderco "H1" Series
Spyderco incorporates their "H1" series to several of their knives making them great for on the water and even salt water. There are several models to choose from but the "Salt Assist" includes a noise making device to keep you safe while on the water.
Outdoor Retailer 2015 - Extrasport
Outdoor Retailer 2015 - Extrasport "Eon Angler"
Johnson Outdoors releases their newest angler model PFD, the Extrasport "Eon Angler".

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