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Tuesday, 31 August 2010 02:00

Drop Shot Basics Vol 1

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So anyone who watches the Bass Master, FLW, or any other bass programs see people drop shot fishing and catching fish.  It has been around for awhile now, molding and shaping like all techniques into a bass catching mainstay. It is one of my personal favorites, I always have one rig tied onto my line at all time, here is how I work and use the drop shot rig.
The basic idea of the drop shot rig is to suspend the bait above the bottom using the weight, to keep it in a spot and to help in its action of the bait. Know all of us bass fisherman know of the Carolina rig (think fish finder rig for saltwater or catfish) just move the weight below the bait and that’s the basic concept.  So let’s get to the tackle:
  • The line: this is in my opinion completely up to the angler, but the basic components of the technique is to use fluorocarbon, and not some cheap stuff either, I’m talking the best of the best and for me that’s the yo-zuri hybrid fluorocarbon in 12 to 14 lb line,  this is key for the main fact that it’s clear, and doesn’t show in the water, due to the fact that you are not using your basic technique where the line has one entry point to the bait. The bait has two sets of line coming from it, and any other line in my opinion will scare the bass.
  • The hook: when I started this technique I was using a lot of the same hooks that I used when I would normally Texas rigged a bait i.e. 4/0 extra wide gapped off set hooks that where big, bulky and went halfway down the bait. There was an okay amount of action but nothing like I wanted to see. So after some time of success and lots of failure I realized that if I downgraded the hook size I could get the action I was finally looking for but…“there is no way that little hook could sink into a 5lb basses maw“… is what I thought and a few of the guys I fished with when I showed them the rig. That is until I had my first tap, reeled down and did one of those bill dance hook sets…and missed and again and again and again. Then near the end of the day of only putting no bass in the yak, frustration building I was working a fall down when I felt the TAP instead of setting the hook I just reeled and kept on reeling till I came tight then gave a 6 inch set (more on this later) as I now call it and landed a 6lb boss hoss bass.  That is when I had my ah ha moment, the small hook during a normal hook set was just ejecting itself from the basses maw, but when I just reeled in the hook had time to find a fleshy spot to grab too. So hooks I use are the size 1 to 1/0 octopus hook. Color doesn’t matter to me unless I am using a fluke or fishy imitation, then blood red is my go to color.
  • The bait: this is simple, if it works normally use it, ribbon tail worm my personal favorite for when I have a current or I am vertical deep dropping the slight movement of the kayak due to the wind, breathing, stretching your legs will all impart action into the bait. Flukes, shaky heads and finesse worms when I need to really work the bait. Size I use baits from 4 inches to 10 inches, it’s all in how I want to present my bait to the fish and size of the fish. Color is what works in your area at that time.
  • The weight: any teardrop will do and well if it’s at half oz. and you could tie it to the tag end of the line then use it.

Know here is the key to all of this, the knot that holds the hook.  The Palomar knot is the only one I use, it is strong, it simple, and when the weight pulls on the line it makes the hook jump which helps to impart some action. The second thing is that the hook point when tied on needs to be facing the sky, this is so you can hook the top of the fish’s mouth.

Go out and try this technique this is just the introductory basic steps to catching fish with a drop shot. This article is also going to be conjoined to a forum post where you can ask questions and make comments. Tight lines.

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