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Friday, 17 May 2019 15:14

Bending Branches Angler Navigator is Proof that Paddles are Here to Stay

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Despite the numerous ways that have been discovered to propel water vessels over the years, paddles have stuck around and remain as popular as ever.

Sponsored Post: We live in a world where new inventions and technological improvements mean that some items become obsolete even before the warranty or service plan expire. It seems that there is always a newer, shinier gadget on the horizon that promises to revolutionize the way that things are done. Yet, there are some things that are so useful and efficient that they tend to stick around even when alternatives arrive on the market. One of these inventions is the humble paddle, which has been around for centuries and still shows no sign of falling out of favor with kayak users. Despite the numerous ways that have been discovered to propel water vessels over the years, paddles have stuck around and remain as popular as ever. Of course, while the basic design of paddles has remained relatively unchanged over the years, this doesn't mean that there hasn't been any improvements. Innovators in the field, such as Bending Branches, have ensured that paddles not only remain the number one choice for most kayak anglers by enhancing the efficiency and versatility of their gear. If there is still any doubt, here are just some of the reasons why paddles are here to stay.


Unbeatable Versatility

Even if you have been enticed by the latest and greatest pedal kayaks on the market, it doesn't mean that you don't need your paddle anymore. For such a seemingly simple piece of equipment, the kayak paddle is actually extremely versatile. In addition to using it to paddle to where you want to be, the paddle can also be used to maneuver in tight spots or to navigate shallow water efficiently. Modern paddles, such as the Bending Branches Angler Navigator, cater specifically to kayak anglers with features such as a a built-in tape measure and snug-fitting 3 hole snap-button ferrule for adjusting feather angles.  



The sad truth is that we live in an era of disposable technology and very few things these days are built to last. Planned obsolescence is something that a lot of companies have embraced, which makes it a breath of fresh air to own something as sturdy and durable as the Bending Branches Angler Navigator paddle. For the same reason why it is wise to have a PFD on your kayak even if you can swim, it is important to have a paddle even if you plan on making use of other means of propulsion. Things can and do go wrong out on the water, so having something sturdy, reliable and durable available to get yourself back to shore will give you peace of mind and could even save your life. Bending Branches knows how hard anglers can be on their gear, which is why their Angler Navigator paddle blades are reinforced with 2 oz. fiberglass for durability. Every tip is also edged with Rockgard protection, so if you are the type of angler who like to fish in areas where you need your paddle to push the kayak away from rocks, tree stumps and other debris in the water, then you'll love the Angler Navigator.


Style & Sophistication


It's easy to scoff at style when it comes to a hobby like kayak fishing, but the bottom line is that if you are going to spend so much money on something, then you are going to want your gear to look good. This is the reason why there are so many different design choices when it comes to fishing kayaks as it allows you to pick one with a color scheme that matches your own style. The same can be said about paddles and the Bending Branches Angler Navigator paddle being a thing of beauty. There is just something about the timeless elegance of wood that make this paddle stand out and radiate style. The combination of rich-looking Red Alder, Basswood and Roasted Basswood slats is certainly easy on the eyes. Looks should definitely not be the number one reason to pick a paddle, but owning a stylish looking one like the Angler Navigator certainly won't hurt.


What It All Comes Down To

Although pedal drive manufacturers love to think of their gear as replacements for paddles, this is not actually true. Instead, both pedals and paddles are ways to propel your kayak and both of them have their own pros and cons to consider. However, only one of them have stood the test of time so far and evolved to become an essential tool in your kayak angling arsenal. Pedal drives are undoubtedly an exciting addition to kayak angling, but for all the convenience that they offer, there are still plenty of factors involved, such as weight and maneuverability, that make paddles the top choice for many. Thanks to brands such as Bending Branches and their continued innovation this is not something that is going to change anytime soon either.



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