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Tandem Kayak Fishing Tips

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Depending on who you ask and who you plan on taking along, a tandem fishing kayak is either double the fun or double the trouble. There is a good reason why many experienced anglers refer to tandem kayaks as "divorce makers" and advise any loving couples to steer clear of them if they value their marriage and/or sanity.


For some reason, the cramped confines of a tandem kayak sometimes bring out the worst in people and even couples who manage to do everything else together in harmony can turn on one another when out on the water. However, there is still a market for tandem kayaks and if you are absolutely certain that you want one, then it is better to know what you are getting yourself into.

Try Before You Buy

Even if you are absolutely certain that your better half would enjoy would enjoy angling with you from a tandem kayak, it is still better to try it out first before committing to buying a kayak. This way, if things doesn't turn out quite like either of you expected won't be stuck with something that is difficult to sell again. Either try to borrow a tandem kayak or rent one if possible to make sure that everyone involved knows exactly what it is like using a tandem kayak. If possible, try out more than one tandem kayak as they are not all the same. If borrowing or renting is really not an option, then at least make sure that the seller has a good return policy.

Consider The Weight

Tandem kayaks are generally much heavier than normal fishing kayaks, which is something you have to keep in mind before you buy one. If you, and whoever will be using it with you, are gym members, then the weight probably won't be such a big issue. However, if you plan on taking it out with someone that won't be able to help much with the heavy lifting, then you could be in for a struggle.

What To Look For

Just like an ordinary fishing kayak, there are a couple of things that you really want when purchasing a tandem fishing kayak in order to make the experience more enjoyable for you and whoever will be using it with you. Comfort is obviously very important as being uncomfortable is a sure way to get cranky out on the water. Multiple rod holders are just as important, unless your partner is only along for the ride and don’t' plan on actually fishing. However, the most important aspects of a tandem fishing kayak are the stability and tracking. Stability is usually not an issue on tandem kayaks as most of them are wider than normal kayaks. Unfortunately, this often means that tracking is not as good, which can cause issues if both people are not pulling their weight while paddling.

Work Together

Most of the arguments that arise on tandem kayaks have to do with who is or is not pulling their weight when it comes to paddling. It takes a lot of coordination and teamwork to steer a tandem kayak in an efficient manner, so if your partner is not the most patient person you will run into trouble. You can avoid this issue by either working together or, if you know your partner is less experienced in this regard, opting for a tandem kayak that is easy to paddle and steer by one person. Kayaks such as the Old Town Twin Heron Angler can be paddled solo and you can even remove the front seat if you are on your own and need more space for gear. If money is tight, you can also find inflatable tandem kayaks that have removable seats.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead and ensuring that your partner brings along something else to keep them occupied while you angle can make the experience a lot more enjoyable for everyone. If you discover out on the water that your partner isn't as keen on catching fish as you thought or don't enjoy sitting around while you wait for a bite they will at least have something to keep them busy. A good book can work wonders in situations like these or even listening to music on their phone using ear buds if they really want some alone time. The last thing you want to do in a tandem kayak is get on each others nerves.


Tandem fishing kayaks don't have to be the cause of strife and arguments. There is no reason why you won't be able to spend some quality time with someone important in your life while also enjoying the hobby that you love. However, if you get off to a bad start, the chances are that things will only get worse. If your partner is not already an avid angler or kayak enthusiasts, it is best to ease them into the hobby without pushing things too far. Be calm, be patient and try to keep things out on the water as pleasant as possible for them or you might end up having to choose between them and the tandem kayak.

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