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Thursday, 30 November 2017 08:30

Tips For Keeping Warm When Kayak Fishing In Cold Weather

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Some anglers are fortunate and experience nice warm temperatures throughout the year, but not everyone is this lucky. While it is probably more sensible to stay indoors when cold weather strikes, it doesn’t have to be your only option.

If you really feel like getting some angling done even if the weather is less than ideal, then some additional preparation is required. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available to anglers brave enough to venture out in the cold to get their fishing fix.

Don’t Forget Your PFD

Wearing your PFD is something that no angler should ever forget no matter what the conditions are, but it is so important that we have to mention it first. Simply put, a PFD can save your life, no matter how good you are at swimming. It is even more vital that you keep your head above water when the weather is cold and you fall overboard as hypothermia is no joke. In addition to the protection provided by your PFD, it also provides an additional layer of insulation to keep you warm. For really cold weather, it might also be a good idea to invest in a good flotation jacket, also known as a float coat. These provide better hypothermia protection while still remaining comfortable to wear. Other features, such as fleece lined handwarmer pockets, neoprene waistlines and mesh draining also make flotation jackets handy to have in winter.

Keep Your Head Warm

It is easy to forget a hat and buff when the weather turns cold, but doing so is a big mistake. Despite claims that humans lose most of their body heat through their heads have been debunked, it is true that the head has densely packed blood vessels. This explains why we feel the cold more acutely in our faces than for example our legs. Taking along a buff and a beanie for the trip will make for a more comfortable experience.

Don’t Let Your Extremities Get Cold

Cold hands and feet are not just uncomfortable, but can hamper your ability to fish properly. Fortunately, there are a variety of gloves available that are tailor made for angling. Find a pair that offers warmth and protection without hampering your dexterity and grab a spare pair for backup. Cold feet while paddling is also very unpleasant, so opt for shoes or boots that will keep your toes warm and dry.

Take Along A Friend

Kayak fishing with friends is the safest option in general, but even more so during the cold winter months. Having at least one other person out with you on the water means that you can monitor each other for any signs of trouble or provide assistance if something does go wrong.

Stick To Safe Spots

During the warm summer months you might have to seek out those secluded fishing spots to angle in peace, but this isn’t the best idea when it is colder. The added risk that comes with cold weather means it is safer to stick to spots that are more accessible. Since less people venture out during the cold, you should still be able to enjoy your solitude without risking your life by going somewhere that is completely out of the way.

Safety Gear Is A Must

Safety gear is useful no matter what time of the year you go angling, but during the winter you’ll definitely want to remember taking along the essentials. These include extra clothes, first aid equipment, your mobile phone, a GPS as well as a radio. Also be sure to use a dry bag for storing items like the clothes, first aid equipment and so as these are not very useful if they get wet.

Hydration Is Still Essential

Everyone remembers to take along water to quench their first when fishing in the summer, but this just as essential during the winter. Dehydration is less noticeable in the winter, especially when wearing extra layers of clothing. You can’t count on feeling thirsty to alert yourself to the fact that you are becoming dehydrated either. Since becoming dehydrated also causes a drop in your core temperature, not drinking enough fluids may actually contribute towards hypothermia if you are not careful. To avoid this from happening, take along a flask with a warm beverage and remember to hydrate yourself. As tempting as it might be to warm yourself up with alcohol, doing so is a horrible idea as it can increase the risk of dehydration and hamper your judgment.

Layer Your Clothing

When it comes to dressing for cold weather kayak fishing, layering is the best option. Doing so enables you to regulate your body temperature based on your environment, so if it becomes warmer you can simply shed a layer or two. Comfort and safety are two of the most factors to consider when choosing your clothes for cold weather fishing. Depending on the conditions in which you plan to fish, a dry suit might be your best bet for not getting wet.


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