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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 07:56

How NOT To Fish in 2017 - Last Year's Most Epic Fails

Written by Naomi Bolton
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For every win, there are often also a couple of epic fails. In 2016, a couple of anglers discovered the hard way that things don’t always go the way that you planned when you take your kayak out on the water. Here's a quick roundup of some funny kayak fishing fails that we have discovered on Youtube:

1.  Don't Let Dad Ruin Your Day

What was supposed to be a great day of father and son kayak fishing turned out to be a bit of a bit of a nightmare for this duo. In this video, a clearly frustrated kayak angler witnesses his dad plunging into the water and things only get worse from there. In addition to struggling to get back into his kayak, Dad also manages to somehow get his leg tangled in the anchor and nearly pulls his son into the water with him. When Dad finally does manage to get back on his kayak, after a lot of guidance from his son, it is still not the end of their woes. Firstly, he nearly manages to hook his son with his rod and then they find out that he lost all the bait during the misadventure, cutting the day short.

2.  Don't Let The Waves Get You Down

Sometimes it’s not just the size of the waves, but the rate at which they are coming in that can cause you a lot of grief as this group of kayak anglers quickly discovered. Due to the rough conditions, a few anglers decided to wait it out a bit, but  some of them just didn’t wait long enough. One of the anglers can be seen losing his rod as his kayak tilts in the waves and, even worse, doesn’t even realize it happened. His next mistake is jumping into the kayak to early and then not having his paddle ready in time, which results in a capsize as the kayak is pounded by a wave. Some good did come from this fail however as the angler did manage to recover his rod, which would have been gone if the kayak flipping didn’t alert him tot the fact that it was in the water.

3.  Don't Get Distracted During a Surf Launch

Surf launches are tricky, so you probably want to make sure that you are paying attention to what is going on around you while attempting them. This kayak angler got a little distracted untangling himself while at Hobuck Bay. Unfortunately, he did so right before a wave hit, which means he wasn’t quite ready and ended up taking an unexpected dip in the water as his kayak capsizes.

4.  Don't Break Your Rod

Sometimes what starts out very well doesn’t always end up so well as this kayak angler discovered at a northern Wisconsin lake. After two spectacular catches in a row, things go badly wrong when his line becomes snagged and breaks his rod. This little mishap was not only immensely frustrating, but also put an end to his time on the water, which is why it is always a good idea to have a spare rod with you on the kayak.

5. Don't Abandon Your Kayak

The whole point of kayak angling is to actually catch the fish from inside your kayak and not while standing next to it on the shore. However, this is exactly the position that this angler found himself in after spending an entire day out on the water with no luck. Back on the shore, he casts his line for just one more go and out of the blue pulls in a large bass. It is a fail in terms of kayak fishing, but still a great way to end an unsuccessful day on the waters.

6.  Don't Highstick Graph Rods

Highsticking is not always a good idea, especially not when angling with a graphite rod as this kayak angler discovered the hard way. Taking on big fish is always a challenge and if you try to rush things the end result is rarely satisfactory. This angler didn’t handle his loss too well, but it is hard not to sympathize with him over his mishap.

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# Wallace0812 2017-01-10 04:02
Don't let dad ruin your day :D

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