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Monday, 01 February 2016 00:00

New Season Yakangler Resolutions

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Welcome to a new kayak fishing season in 2016! We all have our own rituals, habits, favorite places, and go-to tackle while out on the water. I'm guilty of it, too, and rarely will I stray from my norm. I'm sure what you're doing is working just fine, but I have a challenge for you: break out of the box, and try some different things this year. What do I mean by different? Check out my ideas!

Try a new lure. Like I said, I'm guilty of having my favorite. On grass flats, I usually stick to my favorite jig head and plastic. I rarely switch colors. I'm just stubborn, I guess. This year I promise to explore more colors in my tackle trays.

Find a new spot. Drive a couple hours. Look at Google Earth. Do whatever you have to do to explore new water. Your new personal record could be waiting for you elsewhere!

taking kids kayak fishing in a hobie pro angler 17t

Photography by Cheryl Little 

Take a friend or kiddo out that hasn't been before. I'm not telling you to take someone to your magical fishing spot. I'm telling you to get someone who likes to fish into a kayak! The more, the merrier, in my opinion. Look at how kayak fishing has exploded over the past few years. New kayak designs, new products for kayaks, more comfortable kayaks...the list could go on and on.

Try a new technique or style. Examples for me would be fly fishing, or buying a baitcasting reel.

Live baiter? Go artificial! I started with a nightcrawler on a hook when I was four years old. Now, unless we are surf fishing I use artificials. I feel more challenged, and nothing makes me happier to convince a fish that the unnaturally colorful thing moving around is something that needs to be eaten. Silly fish!

holly jones kayak fishing for huge redfish live target lures

Photograph by Jerry McBride

Make a bucket list. Many of you have one, some don't. Make a list of species you'd like to catch, or an exotic or new location you'd like to fish. Rank them from highest to lowest priority.

Go to a Boondoggle. They're fun! They're awesome! You will catch fish. You will win cool stuff. You will gain five pounds. You will meet people and make lifetime friends. Not to mention the people you'll meet are from all over the country, which just may help with that bucket list and traveling to new places.

Don't stop after reading this quick tips article. Take a moment and comment on what your resolution will be! Thanks, everyone. I hope this season holds nothing but tight lines and good times for all of you.

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Holly Jones

Holly started fishing at the age of 5 in Annapolis, Maryland where she grew up. Her dad taught her how to kayak soon after, but it wasn't until the Charleston, South Carolina Boondoggle she finally merged the two together. Holly, her husband and two young children now live in Panama City, Florida and hit the water to kayak fish, as a family, every chance they get. When she isn't fishing she loves to work out at the gym, volunteer at her children's school and stay busy as a stay at home mom. Prior to becoming a stay at home mom, she worked as a Herpetologist at Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina. She loves to educate people about snakes, venomous species in particular. Any reptile questions, feel free to ask away!

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# Ranger393 2016-02-01 11:34
Excellent article Holly!! Really enjoyed it and now I'm inspired to set some goals/resolutio ns for 2016.

1 Get out of my comfort zone and make the drive to try salt water yak fishing

2 Make my fishing more about fun and family than competition

3 Just simply fish more!!

Thanks again for the great article.
# CentKyPaddler 2016-02-01 17:40
Great write up. Thanks for sharing.

My list goes like this:

Checking out new places is a definite, adventure is one of my favorite parts about sport.

Get my wife a nice kayak so she can join in on the fun as well. She doesn't fish but can enjoy spending sunny days on the water.

Make more time to get out there, the last few years have been inundated with work and school for the both of us. Outdoor fun will now be the new priority.
# onefastrph 2016-02-04 20:43
1. Land a musky
2. Try new places (chasing #1)
3. Hit Lake Michigan for some trout or salmon.
# kjfishman 2016-02-17 16:27
My resolution is to:

1. Fish new places
2. keep a journal
3. Try different baits and techniques
# pappy86us 2016-02-17 17:54
Great article... maybe I'll see you and your husband out on the water. I'm from P.C. also. Semper Fi!

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