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Monday, 27 April 2015 00:00

8 Great Springtime Bass Lures

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For many kayak anglers around the country, water temps are quickly on the rise, and they have one thing on their minds - springtime bass! Most bass in the southern states have completed their spawn, and other northern states have just started to see them bed down. Here are eight lures that will help you catch those springtime bass.

Spinnerbait - Once bass have completed their spawn, a slow-rolled spinnerbait can be a killer option. Cast the spinnerbait well beyond where you think the fish are. Let it sink, hit the bottom, then give it a bounce to engage the blades. Slowly reel the spinnerbait in, every once in a while letting it sink back to the bottom.

Fluke - If there is good visibility and the bass are still on the beds, dragging a fluke across their face will often cause them to bite. This method can be very slow and tedious, but will pay off with multiple bedding bass.

Lipless crankbait - If you are trying to cover a decent amount of water and the water temps are in the upper 50's, the lipless crankbait is a great search bait. Target creek mouths, working the points all the way up the creeks.

Jig - If your spring waters are still cold, the jig is where it's at. Target shallow-water horizontal structure, pitching different jig sizes and colors until you find a pattern they like.

Crankbait - The key to using a crankbait is making sure you are bumping the bottom, so pick a lure that will run a little deeper than where the fish are hanging out.

Drop shot - When bass are still on their beds, a drop shot is almost a sure-fire way to get them pissed off and elicit a strike. Use a drop shot so you can stay right in the bed with the bass to give yourself plenty of time to get it fired up.

Swim jig - If you are working flats that you know should hold spawning bass, try quickly working a swim jig across the flats. This technique will usually pick up bass that you might otherwise not catch on other cranking lures.

Frog - Great after the spawn, use the frog in water that is less than 4’- 5’ deep where there is ambush cover for bass.

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