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My Kind of Honey-Do List

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When most guys think of their favorite fishing partner, they think of a good buddy or male family member. What if I told you that your next favorite fishing partner could be your girlfriend or the woman you married?

While some kayak anglers already know this, and yet others reading this are themselves wives that fish, I’m speaking to those of you who go fishing and leave your wife at home. “Why would I want to get my wife on the water in a kayak of her own?” you ask. There are plenty of benefits to taking your wife kayak fishing with you. Here are just a few.…

  • Spending the time together will bring you closer together as a couple.
  • You no longer have to beg her for time away, or postpone the honey-do list to get on the water. Once she begins enjoying the sport, she’ll actually ask you to take her fishing!
  • Say goodbye to socks and underwear for Christmas or birthday gifts! Your new fishing partner will be buying you all kinds of fishing gear instead. You will also no longer be stumped when it comes to buying that perfect gift for her.
  • When you catch that big fish and need a photographer… PRESTO! You have one!

How do you begin taking your better half kayak fishing - and ensure she enjoys it? Having been through this with my own wife, who now loves the sport and can’t wait to get on the lake again, I’ve come up with a few tips to help you through the process. For input on gear to buy, I’ll let you read reviews and tips here on YakAngler.com because most of it applies to all anglers. However here are just a few things that I learned for you to keep in mind…

  • Buy her gear of her own. This includes everything from a good stable kayak to rods/reels, lures, net, etc. It’s important that she has “her own” gear to use, and isn’t always using your hand-me-down stuff. It allows her to feel as if they are more of an equal versus just being a tag-along on the water. It also helps increase her level of excitement. Of course, not everyone can afford to fully equip a second angler in the household, but do the best you can. Spend the extra money to buy her a high-quality personal floatation device (PFD) that is built with women in mind. Most PFD manufacturers offer models made for women, so buy her one she’ll be comfortable in and wear every minute she’s on the water. Let her pick out some of her own lures so she can learn what works - and what doesn’t - on her own. The more you include her, the more enjoyment she (and you) will get from the sport. It’s the kind of shopping you’ll both appreciate!
  • Choose fishing spots that don’t require much skill to fish, such as small lakes or slow-moving rivers with little obstacles, until she gets some experience under her belt. Don’t let her first trip in her new kayak be on a large lake where dodging motor boats is the norm. Also be sure to choose a body of water with plenty of fish, even if that means panfish. Once she gets a few fish hooked and some slime in her kayak, she’ll be hooked (pun intended). It’s up to you to make it an enjoyable, safe trip.
  • This next step is very important - be patient! It’s easy to get frustrated when you have to continually stop fishing to fix tangled line, unhook fish, etc. Just try to remember the first time someone took you fishing. If you’re like me, you wouldn’t be fishing today if someone hadn’t been patient with you.
  • Take a good camera. Once you two start having all kinds of fun together, you’ll want to capture the memories. Also, magazines and websites are always looking for good photos of women enjoying our sport, so you just might get an image that makes you a few bucks or gets you published.
  • Don’t be a know it all. Yes, you know more about fishing than she does (Now, anyway… IR), but try to help her catch fish while at the same time letting her learn on her own. If she wants to throw a lure that you know the fish won’t hit, don’t argue or get frustrated. She’ll learn, have fun doing so, and eventually come to you for some input.
  • Let her do her own thing. Actually, you should suggest it! Whether she wants to fish, paddle around the lake, anchor and read a book, photograph wildlife, swim, or whatever it is that floats her kayak, let her do it while you keep fishing.
  • Last but not least, show her some of the things other women are doing in the sport of kayak fishing. Bridgett Howard, Christina Weber, Ashley Rae and YakAngler’s very own Holly Noga Jones, just to name a few, are all doing amazing things in the kayak fishing world. Their articles and videos can be found on various forms of social media, magazines, TV shows, etc. Share these with your significant other, and she’ll see this isn’t just a man’s sport.


There you go - a few tips and ideas that will help you get your wife or girlfriend on the water with you. As much as I love kayak fishing with the guys, my best kayak fishing trips are those that I share with my lovely bride. So next time, try taking your wife fishing with you and share this great sport with the one you love most. Just don’t tell your buddies when she catches more fish than you do!

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Jameson Olson

Jameson Olson grew up fishing south-central Wisconsin with his wonderful grandparents and his love for being near the water continued when he moved to northeastern Indiana at the age of 16, where he still resides.  During trips to Missouri to visit his dad, Jameson learned how to target largemouth bass and this kind of fishing consumed his time throughout his adult life.  In 2012 he and his wife purchased kayaks and Jameson opted for a fishing style kayak.  On their initial trip to a nearby lake, Jameson caught his first fish from a kayak and has been "hooked" on the sport ever since.  He feels fortunate in that his wife, Ginger, enjoys the sport as well and has become his favorite fishing partner.

As well as being part of the YakAngler Regional Pro Staff, Jameson is also a member of the Jackson Kayak Regional Fishing Team, Orion Coolers Pro Staff, Moving Waters Outfitters Fishing Team and co-founder of the Indiana Kayak Anglers.

Jameson is always happy to help newcomers to the sport of kayak fishing and welcomes anyone in the northeast Indiana area that wants to get together and do some fishing.

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+1 # Swamp Monster 2015-01-07 07:45
Great article and 100% spot on! My wife is out with me most of the time. Fishing is not usually the reason, she just loves being on the water. She will fish a little, read, explore.....wha tever she feels like. I don't push her to fish, her company is all I want. Plus, you get more time on the water if your significant other enjoys it too!
# IndianaYakFish 2015-01-07 08:48
Thanks JJ, glad you enjoyed the article. We'll have to get out and do some fishing together with the wives this year.
+1 # Pikecreek 2015-01-07 09:26
Great post Jameson. When I first met my wife she was self employed and had plenty of time to fish with me and it was very enjoyable, one of the reasons that we bonded so well. She now holds down a couple of jobs and has grandchildren that have taken away of her time on the water, though she never objects when I want to go out, as she knows why I enjoy it so much. I am still looking forward to the day she resigns from the job that has taken away so much of our time on the water together.
# IndianaYakFish 2015-01-07 09:51
Thanks Richard! Sure makes it easier to get out if they at least understand why we enjoy it so much.
+1 # basscatlildave 2015-01-07 17:45
Great article my wife loves to go we just can't seem ti find the time to do it together. Sound like a change for the new year
+1 # DDOlson 2015-01-07 18:24
Great article. Marian enjoys going occasionally but is limited to 4 hours max for a trip. My most memorial trip with her was just recently when she caught her personal best redfish that measured 27 inches. It pull her and the Jackson Cruise 12 through 2 dock systems. She was really excited.
+1 # Wildy115X 2015-01-08 20:33
Fantastic article! My wife Becky was always leery of the water. She will even tell you she swims like a rock. But after getting her comfortable in a quality womans pfd (stohlquist) Her first time on her own kayak , she owned it. She had a blast and I now have one hell of a fishing buddy.Gonna start teaching her to work with different lures this season. Spot on article!!!
+1 # Cindy Kinnard 2015-01-13 15:00
Awesome article...my husband, Dale sent it to me, I could have sworn he wrote it because it is exactly us!!
For Christmas I gave him a Sea to Summit dry bag(I already have one), a Lifestraw personal water filter, and a new popper lure. He got me some Spinner baits, rattle traps, and my favorite, new pink Pflueger reel and rod. Last summer was the first with his new fishing kayak, I am saving up to get my new one by the spring. We have a blast and he is teaching me so much. Our time together is close and priceless!
# IndianaYakFish 2015-01-16 00:02
Thanks for all of the wonderful comments. Glad to know my wife and I aren't the only ones out there on the water together!
+1 # ozarkkayakangler 2015-01-18 00:45
Great Article. I have to share that a few years back my wife and I was going through a rough time in our marriage. During that time she felt that when I went out kayaking, fishing, backpacking, etc that I was doing these things because I didn't want to be around her or the kids. My wife grew up in the city and never understood my passion for the outdoors. I explained that it had nothing to do with not wanting to be around them and that it was more of just something I enjoyed doing. At the time I didn't think they would enjoy it. Since then, with persuasion at first, I invited them to go with me more and more. Now as a family we go rock climbing, kayaking, fishing, backpacking and I even have started taking them hunting when siting in the blind. I wish I would have invited them sooner so we didn't go through that time in our life but looking back I feel that it has made us a stronger family. I always enjoy reading outdoor articles that include family. Thank You for sharing.
# IndianaYakFish 2015-01-21 00:51
That's awesome ozarkkayakangle r! Pretty cool how that worked out for you, thanks for sharing! Glad you enjoyed the article.

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