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Monday, 19 May 2014 00:00

Jameson's Tip - Double Uni Knot

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Over the years I have tried many different ways of attaching my mono or fluorocarbon leader to braided line when I’m kayak fishing. These include using barrel swivels, loop-to-loop knots, and various other knots. 

The swivel has always held well, but can create a problem when reeled into the guides. I have also had toothy fish, like bluefish, hit the swivel and cut the line just above the bite leader. The loop-to-loop always seems to hold, but is bulky, can slow your line down during the cast, and can create issues if reeled into the guides. Other knots, like the blood knot, don't seem to hold due to the slickness and small diameter of the braid.

The one method that has never failed me is the simple double uni knot. By using five wraps on the leader and seven on the braid, the two lines pull against themselves and never slip. This also creates a small, streamlined knot that will easily reel through most guides and cast without fail.

Here's a great Youtube video by "Zvejokliai" (who also created the cover knot image) that shows how to tie the double uni knot.


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Jameson Redding

Jameson Redding grew up fishing and hunting in the foothills of NC, but later moved to the Florida Gulf Coast. His passion for fishing began to take shape as he spent the next 7 years learning how to catch reds and trout on the flats. It was this passion that ultimately led him to kayak fishing. After moving back to North Carolina he quickly realized that the best way to access secluded fishing locations was in fact from a kayak. This ignited his desire to bring the sport that he fell in love with to others. He has spent the last several years travelling the country producing media content for companies such as Jackson Kayak, Bending Branches, Nocqua Adventure Gear, and even helping run the River Bassin’ and College Kayak Fishing tournament trails. After working closely with other talented filmmakers Jameson realized his calling was to bring his passion to others through video. This eventually led to his latest partnership with YakAngler.com to produce and host YakAngler’s Inside and Out. Jameson can now be found at events, tournaments, and hanging out with other kayak fisherman across the country capturing the lifestyle of this wonderful sport. Follow Jameson's adventures at www.YakAngler.com/kayak-fishing-videos/inside-and-out

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