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Tuesday, 15 October 2013 20:00

Red October

Written by Aaron Rubel
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Angler: Landon Rubel, with Chuck Fisk Angler: Landon Rubel, with Chuck Fisk Aaron Rubel

Fall colors peak along the Gulf Coast in October. The color red, that is. After enduring a long and muggy summer, the angler is rewarded with great opportunities to find redfish as fall sets in.

An effective way for the adult fly angler and child to enjoy a day on the water together was introduced to me by good friend, Chuck Fisk. We brought both fly rods and conventional fishing gear to the beach. Chuck and I started the day by wading in the shallows and catching ladyfish on Clouser Minnow flies. The ladyfish went into the cooler. Later, they were transformed into cut bait and drifted just beyond the surf on conventional rods to entice bull redfish. Bull redfish are adults of the species that have grown on average above 26” and made their way out of the marshes into the larger bays and open waters of the Gulf.

Ladyfish Blog

Ladyfish on the fly

The technique of combining fly fishing and conventional tackle proved successful as Landon caught a tremendous redfish on the coast of Mobile Bay. We also had the opportunity to teach him that although we sacrificed one species of fish, releasing another is important to the preservation of future generations of game fish.

Release Blog

Gulf Coast Council Conservation Director of the International Fly Fishing Federation, Chuck Fisk, demonstrates proper release of a redfish.
Photographer: Aaron Rubel


Do you want to seek more secluded water in search of redfish? Close encounters with big reds are possible in backwaters by use of kayaks specifically designed for fishing. The low-profile construction enables opportunities for sight fishing and short casts. The kayak also serves as cushion to the tension of line between angler and the strength of redfish.

Redfish in Marsh

Angler: IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Champion, Benton Parrott, with a nice Mobile Bay area redfish Photographer: Aaron Rubel


Whether you enjoy the breezy beach or tranquil marsh, “Red October” is the time to reach the water for one of the Gulf Coast's favorite species.

Redfish on Fly blog

A Mobile Bay area marsh redfish on the fly
Angler and Photographer: Aaron Rubel


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# Irish Fly 2013-10-16 00:29
Cool pics - looks like fun!
# IcastInaYak 2013-10-18 22:03
Thanks Irish Fly!

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